Plasma Globe Inspired Watch Design

Design submitted by Jobby from France.

I am inspired by the watches at Tokyoflash. After seeing a plasma globe I was incredibly curious to know how it works and wanted to see it in more uses than a just an object for decoration. It looks and behaves in a very futuristically, it has a life of its own. It could be liked by many sci-fi fans. I hope you will like it too.

The watch is a minature plasma globe you wear,when the watch is on standby it functions like any other plasma globe.When you press the hour and minute buttons, the central coil will emit plasma fingers on to electrodes placed within the watch dial which will carry the electric charge and enable you to tell time. It has plasma hour and minute hands. I hope that wont be too much of a bore.

Since standard plasma balls require a lot of power to function i suggest a built-in USB charging function to ensure steady power and plasma displays. Sci-fi fans, computer wizards, party people, designers, scientists any one with an eye for something new would love this watch design.

I havent come across any minature plasma globes with an extended application to tell time, now theres functionality coupled with science. If the design gets too complicated to achieve on a watch , i think a wall clock could be an easy adaptation for this design.”


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25 Responses to “Plasma Globe Inspired Watch Design”

  1. avatar Laszlo says:

    From Wikipedia:
    Potential hazards

    Caution should be taken when placing electronic devices near or upon the plasma lamp: not only may the glass become hot, but the high voltage may place a substantial static charge on the device, even through a protective plastic casing. The radio frequency field produced by plasma lamps can interfere with the operation of touchpads used on laptop computers, digital audio players, cell phones, and other similar devices. Some types can radiate sufficient RFI to interfere with cordless telephones and Wi-Fi devices several feet away. If a medium-sized lamp is wrapped in grounded metal foil, capacitive coupling can transfer tens of milliamperes to ground through the foil, enough to light a small lamp or give a small arc burn. This is possible because the glass acts as a capacitor dielectric: the inside of the lamp acts as one plate, and any conductive object on the outside acts as the other capacitor plate. Ozone, which is harmful to humans, may also accumulate outside of the surface of the glass orb after a few minutes of constant operation.

    • avatar just2drops says:

      Thanks Laszlo, you are right.. this can happen when there is a higher power source operating the device.
      I have suggested using electrodes inside the watch, this will help tell time and also minimise external risks mentioned .

  2. avatar cygnus says:

    A function “tazer” will be purpose too ? ^^

  3. avatar Firdaus says:

    Crazy concept, but if it makable, why not? 5* to think outside the box. Keep it up Jobby!

  4. avatar Gab says:

    This idea is amazing! Like Firdaus… 5* and keep it up jobby :)

  5. avatar Rem says:

    This truly is fabulous dont know how you designers come up with such ideas. 5*’s i wish i get to buy this somewhere soon.

  6. avatar Teril says:

    Good Idea Joby. In the coming ages It could be used as to store and view various other information other than time. Think about it as an I pod nano(new) screen for eg:. touch screen even better.

  7. avatar DStaal says:

    Might want to look at a crackle tube/lumiglas design. It’s basically the same effect, but it’s designed to be in a flat enclosure. (Might also be a bit safer, but I can’t find the specs on that.)

  8. avatar Shannon says:

    If (and BIG if) this could be made to work it would be a revolutionary watch that would make a huge impact. I’d love to see this happen, and given that there are lots of low voltage and inexpensive plasma devices (such as plasma mugs, plasma USB gadgets, etc.), it seems to me that it should be possible. I really hope that TF gives this real consideration.

  9. avatar Zuza says:

    Awesome Design , I would buy one !!!:)

  10. avatar Kabs says:

    I have always been fascinated by Plasma balls. I don’t wear a watch, but i would certainly wear this one!!

  11. avatar Nadeem says:

    Like the concept … Great work Brother Jo..:-)

  12. avatar Fanf says:

    I’d definitely wear it !!!

  13. avatar Dj Blaxx says:

    good goin bro this is sooper killer…………

  14. avatar Dj Blaxx says:

    this is definitely a 5

  15. avatar Anders S says:

    Nice idea, if perhaps a bit too risky, judnging by Laszlo’s comment… One workaround might be to use a small HD screen, and display a simulated plasma globe… Would probably give better battery life too…=)

  16. avatar Ashvin Mani Sharma says:

    Good Stuff … definitely a 5 :)

  17. avatar Bchs says:

    Hey J!!! Amazing concept!!!
    Good luck….!

  18. avatar punany says:

    Wooow!! this really looks future! when I was a kid I always wanted one of this plasma globes.,,.I hope to have one on my wrist!! my best wishes!!!!

  19. avatar orion2185 says:

    I would LOVE to have one of these

    so put me down on the list…I WILL BUY THIS!

  20. avatar Neha says:

    I love fun accessories!! makes me think about how my current watch just sits there… :P

  21. avatar Rage says:

    This’ll make a great wall clock as well. Great idea. I hope you get to make it.

  22. avatar MrBlack says:

    nice idea. Can see this grabbing plenty of attention.

  23. avatar Ice says:

    Awesome idea, but impractical, as it would get hot quickly and run out of power even with the best batteries available within the day if you tend to check the time more than once a day >.> It could also be dangerous as it is high-voltage electricity that is being used in it.

  24. avatar Don says:

    This is a very cool watch !!! where or when can i BUY it ????

    5 stars for me :)