Lumin – Analog Watch Design With Shining Light


Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: ”Lumin is an analog watch design with an electroluminescent black light.  The current time is indicated by a light shining through the slits of the two etched parts.” The time is displayed simply in an analog manner but with a sweeping effect. The front of the inner line indicates the hour, the front of the outer line indicates the minutes.

Like all Tokyoflash watch designs, this concept comes to life at night time. The electroluminescent black light highlights the streaks that present the time. This watch design is featured in three color schemes, all black, black with silver detail and black with yellow detail.


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Lumin - Analog Watch Design With Shining Light, 4.1 out of 5 based on 655 ratings

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31 Responses to “Lumin – Analog Watch Design With Shining Light”

  1. avatar xkuba6x より:

    WOW! amazing design Laszlo, all your designs amaze me but this one has to be my favorite. Good job, hope it gets put on the front page :)

  2. avatar cygnus より:

    Splendid !!! It’s look like Ziiro Watch
    Hope concept will be realized …

  3. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    Better not compare it to splendid Ziiiro. The indicators should be black. Those silver spots destroy the cool display. I have a bigger >already seen before< feeling than normally. Good design though!

  4. avatar Cory より:

    This is one of your best designs yet, Laszlo. The way the stripes trail off behind the hands, and the differently colored links in the middle of the band. 5/y! Cheers!

  5. avatar Scott G より:

    I have to agree, it is very close to the Ziiro watch design. However, this is a much better interpretation. I wouldnt buy the Ziiro, but i would buy this.

    I genuinely believe that electroluminescent technology will feature more and more as it improves.

  6. avatar Travess より:

    Very cool, easy to read and stylish. Few color tweeks as the above people mentioned. maybe a diff color for the marking dots. I see this thing being popular. Kinda like some Red line RPM watch. Time is going SO FAST!!! HAHA Good work

  7. avatar Aphosno より:

    Oh what happened to the rating!!!

    I like the pure black watch. Bought!

    • avatar Laszlo より:

      Oh, nothing! Some people prefer, but the majority do not like it. Such is life.

      • avatar Aphosno より:

        Oh well, majority would mean <3* It is a cool and simple watch. Good look anyway!

        • avatar Laszlo より:

          Anyway, I think many people do not understand the voting system. I saw with my own eyes: I like it, very good, I want, blah-blah, then they just clicked on the stars. (somewhere). These people are the click and go type. :) I accept the votes are laconic, but rather just read the posts.

  8. avatar Firdaus より:

    YES I like the simplify version of this kind of watch. Everything was wonderful until some guys mentioned about the ziiro watch. WOW heck I’m in dilema.

    • avatar Laszlo より:

      Don’t hesitate Firdaus, just click 1* and no!

      • avatar Firdaus より:

        I was talking about either I should buy the ziiro watch since it currently on sale, but the price around 100+ euro and its considered expensive compare to other TF watches (am saving for another watch). TF should consider making this such watch but another verdict is its not *flash*ing and should be leaved as its existing segment of market, I dunno. About your rating, Lol ~ well I don’t really take the vote seriously but sometimes it drive me crazy too when the comment is contrast to the rating. Maybe some people think 1st* is for No.1 and so on?

        • avatar Cory より:

          I know the feeling, Firdaus.

          If I like a design I will not hesitate to vote it up on my home PC, work PC, and Phone to help boost the designs I like. However, if I dislike a watch, I would not vote it 1* multiple times, that’s not cool.

          Perhaps that’s the main flaw of the voting… maybe one vote per email instead?? even that is able to be taken advantage of…. It’s good that TF has said that the rating is not the main factor in whether or not a watch gets made, that’s for certain.

        • avatar Firdaus より:

          One vote per email or capcha is okay imho. Or put the rating along with the comment. As designer for hobby, what I need is feedback, the competition is not everything for me though, but when our design is continuously underrated without explanation it makes me blur, is it good, bad, or heck? Welll maybe its actually nothing wrong with the system, maybe its just my prejudice, I don’t wana self proclaim. Its a challenge to strive better. Next design :-)

  9. avatar Steffen より:

    I saw so many really cool watches here in your blog, which I would buy rigth away, but if I see the few realized watches … mhm. Perhaps I have a different taste to the other people here? But I have read many positive comments.
    But enough, now to your watch Lumin. It is simple. It catch so.’s eye. I can read the time without press a button first. The design has style. What need a watch more? My personal opinion is, a watch should have a date, but I think I belong to a minority with this preference. I would buy it (also without date).

  10. avatar Arwa より:

    I’d buy that watch if it was ever made !

  11. avatar Frank より:

    Great watch design. I like the permanent illumination and simpleness!

  12. avatar Frank より:

    Great design. Like the permanent ilLUMINation and simpleness. Luckily no date, i use my brains for that.

  13. avatar Bur_lion より:

    Good design.

  14. avatar akicam より:

    This is the most Tokyoflashy watch what I have ever seen! The backlight makes it easy to read the time at night.
    ( in clubs, disco ..) When the Tokyoflash produce it with both of the srtaps, men could change the colour for their events (suit or party clothes). It’s genius, 5 stars.

  15. avatar Lil より:

    This is one of my favorite, it`s just so unique.