Lightning Strikes Watch Design


Design submitted by Scott from the UK.

Scott says: “With this watch design I wanted to think of a word that has a very visual response when mentioned, and see if i could come up with a design that reflected this. That word was ‘lightning’.

I like unusual watches, but if they are too complex they defeat the purpose, so simplicity was paramount with this display. For me, the critical element is the illumination effect. It has to be a super bright flash (well as bright as LEDs can get!) with a fade out effect, like a lightning strike. The actual ‘strikes’ have been given a ‘tech’ look, and the case has been given an angular element to compliment this.

Finally, i wanted something that would give it an extra edge. I not only want a cool display, but also a cool way to show the display. To do this you simply slide your finger along the base of the face.

The watch lights up with with 4 flashes revealing the time, one digit at a time.  A date option could be added, plus an animation feature of random flashes in the evening.”


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28 Responses to “Lightning Strikes Watch Design”

  1. avatar Christopher Minshall より:

    I’ve voted on each of the submissions so far…. This is one of three designs I gave a “5″. Love different looking watches, love thunderstorms / lightning and love simplicity. Well done.

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    Sleek, simple, flashing. Cool idea with the touch screen – no buttons. I love 45° angles :D Looks really good.

  3. avatar Mike より:

    Really really love this concept! Just refine it and good to go. Great idea 5/5!

  4. avatar George より:

    Striking simplicity.(The best ideas usually are) Another brilliant design from Scott who designed the equally brilliant 7RON concept. Keep them coming and good luck with this one. 5/5

  5. avatar JonB より:

    Nice watch design. I’d love one of them around my wrist!

  6. avatar Cory より:

    Like an electrified hourglass. want!

  7. avatar Hasti より:

    this is a cracking idea! Kudos. Want it :) As another setting, you could add a club setting, to randomise it when in a club environment…just a thought.

  8. avatar cortjezter より:

    i love this thoroughly!

    but please tell me that the 11 or 12 o’clock hours can have one of the cool, branching lightning strikes… you know, with the little forked path at the bottom, so two numbers are lit at the same time :)

    • avatar Scott G より:

      My friend actually said something similar when he saw it! 11 couldn’t fork with it being the same number, but i could do it to 12 easily.

      I am actually thinking of having a double strike for both numbers (if that makes sense) – a faint strike and then a prominent one. I’ll try and do another image and see if tokyoflash let me upload.

      Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.

  9. avatar Firdaus より:

    I don’t want this watch to show the digit. Just only the lines, and it will be super mysterious lightning flashing frenzy time keeper. And I don’t care if a watch is designed too complex, it won’t defeat the purpose as you should noted at tokyoflash[dot]com/about. What I don’t like is wasting of resource to achieve the purpose. Hey, I like this watch :D

  10. avatar Eternity より:

    oh my goodness this watch is BRILLIANT!!! Please make this watch it is beautiful! Is it possible to have different coloured lights like blue or green??

  11. avatar TomRoll より:

    I want this watch to have my children.

  12. avatar RelaxAndRawr より:

    I’m assuming the numbers won’t be there, which will make it harder to read, but cleaner.

    I think it looks cool. Hopefully an option with animation, and without. Because, it could get slow, waiting for it.

  13. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    I don’t like the shape of the case. Less is more. The strikes are cool.

  14. avatar jeremy より:

    very nice…i really like this idea!

  15. avatar Beto より:

    This is just awesome! I really want this watch!

  16. avatar hduarte より:

    Awesome idea I will buy this in a heart beat. Love the concept and love the lightning LED feature. CRAZY hope this gets made.

  17. avatar 8-Bit Man より:

    Very cool! I like the rigid design, this also looks tron inspired like your 7r0n concept. though i wish there was a picture of the whole design so I could see what the straps look like, but none the less this is an amazing seign that I would definitely buy.

  18. avatar Liam G より:

    This was is very cool. Love the design and the concept. I would certainly buy one!!! Good work. Only a few lightning strikes before I finish work!!!

  19. avatar Ivan より:

    I love it, I want it now!

  20. avatar Aaran より:

    Brilliant. A clear yet beautiful design, and by far my favourite on this site. I would love to see how you handle the dual hour issue, but regardless I think this is an excellent concept. I wish you the best of luck with it, and I’ll be keeping my eye for the first opportunity to buy it

  21. avatar John より:

    Absolutely amazing! I will definitely buy this if it goes to market! +1 on the double strike idea, as well as having a “club” mode. I MUST HAVE IT!!! 5/5

  22. avatar oscar より:

    off course! amazing!

  23. avatar Frank より:

    Scott, this is a brilliant concept! If numbers are rudimentary visible in the flash, you could understand the flash and numbers are not necessary. I did some sketching and proofed the idea: it is possible. And then: I must have your watch!!

    • avatar Scott G より:

      hmmm….interesting idea. the numbers 6 and 8 would be the hardest to replicate but i’ll seriously consider this. Thanks.

  24. avatar Don より:

    This watch is probably the only one i would buy if it came out. The only other Tokyo Flash design that I’ve really liked was the Rogue. I really hope this gets made cause i would buy it right away. I think if there was an option so that it shows the date if you slide across the top or slide downwards or something that would be nice. Also if it randomly does lightning strikes at the top of the hour for whatever time it is (ie. at 2 there are 2 random strikes, and at 5 there are 5, and at 12 there are 12) that would be an interesting little thing to put in there just for a visual effect.

    • avatar Scott G より:

      That’s a brilliant idea. It could easily show flashes to represent the time on the hour, every hour. Nice one – consider it a feature! :)

  25. avatar puristo より:

    minimalistic and futuristic looking watch, awesome concept!