Conduit LED Watch Design With Fly By Lights

Design submitted by Alberto from Puerto Rico.

Alberto says, this is a re-imagining of a previous design I submitted. Inspired by the imagery of the glowing circuitry found in many movies, video games and other popular sci-fi media. The main reason I decided to submit this watch design was because the original had a blank space in the center. This has been redesigned. The other reason was so it can be fully appreciated in a 3D rendering, thanks to the help of my two friends “Samuel Jerichow and Sheffer Laszlo”. I am extremely grateful for their assistance.

One of the buttons displays a short animation. Horizontal red lines = hours, horizontal yellow lines = 5 minute groups, corners lines cyan blue = 1 minute each. Seconds are in green lights. Large ones are 10 seconds each, small ones are 1 second each. When you see the seconds pass by, you will get used to it.

This LED watch design is mostly directed to a younger audience, but it’s also a design anyone can enjoy, regardless of their age range. On each side of the watch it will display a flyby light with the color of your choice. Every time it pulses, it will attract people’s attention. You can set the starting and the ending time of the animation (e.g. 6am – 6pm) and the frequency (e.g. each 30sec., each 60sec, each 90 sec) The watch stands out visually, and it has a very unique shape.


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25 Responses to “Conduit LED Watch Design With Fly By Lights”

  1. avatar Cory says:

    I like how you’ve incorporated the seconds into the central area of the case for this iteration. Having the watch face be asymmetrical works really well too. This design has improved since last we saw it.

  2. avatar angelica says:

    awww! I like the new detailed design and the vivid colors!!!

    I would definately buy this watch :)

  3. avatar megarafa says:

    Oh this is awesome! Way better than your previous iteration. I’d buy this watch in a second. Cool stuff :)

  4. avatar Millie says:

    The other watch was very nice, this one is amazing!
    I hope it gets produced.
    I will be the first one to buy it.

  5. avatar Izquierdo says:

    OMG!!!… this watch looks amazing! I love the Flyby light feature!

    I want out right now… let’s get it done!

  6. avatar Greg says:

    The first one was great but I am really liking this one. Sign me up for a first day purchase. :D

  7. avatar Drakeo says:

    Very nicely done!!!!!!! I’d buy it

  8. avatar Zoe says:

    Amazing design! Love it!!! I would most definitely buy it!!!! :D

  9. avatar Firdaus says:

    Hi Beto-kun. I already liked this design, and it doesn’t hurt if I like it again. Nice collaboration! Wana do collaboration with me? Oh I missed Patrick, gotta render one of his design :D

  10. avatar Jesse says:

    Awesome!!! I would buy this watch! :)

  11. avatar Bejuco says:

    Love the angular design, it has a sort of retro-futuristic feel to it. Thumbs up!

  12. avatar Kamila says:

    Love it!!!!! Very interesting and easy to read the time :D I would definitely buy it!

  13. avatar xavier says:


  14. avatar pingywon says:

    IF you can make this thing blink and light up all the time I wouldnt even care if I could tell time with it!!!

  15. avatar Lizzie says:




    • avatar Beto says:

      There is a chance for this to get produced but ratings must be higher… so help me by sending this to your friends so they can also vote and rate 5 stars with Green YES botton.

      Appreciate your kindness.
      Thank you, I’m glad you like it :)

  17. avatar SW says:

    beto give me one NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! must have it >.< -zeke

  18. avatar The Conduit says:

    I want. Now.

  19. avatar AcanthaceousShrike says:

    Beautiful science fiction gadget with just the right amount of details.

  20. avatar Samukun says:

    Awww it’s over soon. Beto, it was fun to make your idea 3D. The people here seem to like it. Ignore the rating :P I think its quite tokyoflashy!

    • avatar Beto says:

      Thank you Samukun and you too Lazslo.
      If it wasn’t because of your help and time, this would haven’t been made better.
      The tokyoflash community is awesome!

  21. avatar Aphosno says:

    This is a must have for me! When it comes with a usb recharge, I will rock the clubs with the fly by lights! Samu said, ignore the rating. It can be cheated, and I’m pretty sure biased persons abuse it. So yeah, ignore the rating. I’m glad I was able to leave my comment here before I couldn’t anymore. Great work!