Stargate Inspired LED Watch Design


Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Inspired by the movie Stargate, this is a touch screen concept watch design. Just touch the screen and the outer 12 orange LEDs light up to indicate the hours, the minutes are indicated by the inner circle of 60 orange LEDs.

The case and the strap would be made from brushed stainless steel with bumped and milled signs.

If you’d like to see this concept become reality, vote below. New designs will be selected in the coming months. You can offer Laszlo feedback in the comments section below.


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Stargate Inspired LED Watch Design, 4.3 out of 5 based on 322 ratings

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54 Responses to “Stargate Inspired LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Toys より:

    Just one word: AMAZING

  2. avatar akicam より:

    YES!!! It’s really great!!! 5/5

  3. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi より:

    amazing watch. I really like it.

    I would like to modify the strap. The strap should have some elements of the outer ring of the watch.

    It’s amazing !!!!

    Congratulations to Laszlo.

  4. avatar Stainlesss より:


    Maybe the chevrons could light up in a red-orange color.
    Also I agree with Gabriel to modify the strap in point of getting some of the starsigns (that the chevrons lock) on the strap.

    What is it in the middle?
    Is that an OLED animation or just a chaotic-brushed blue steel?


  5. avatar rentmoore より:

    instant get. i think, it’s an oled anim, not steel (in the middle).
    congrats to laslo, his watches deserve to be made!! outstanding and unique design – that’s what we need4!!

  6. avatar Patrick より:

    Laszlo hello, c’ is very an good idea! I n’ did not include/understand the system of reading immediately, because it was too simple, which m’ generated a reflexion: why not make use of the blue flashes like needles, that of the Hours or those of the Minutes?

  7. avatar New Duke より:

    I love it. This locks all my chevrons ;-)

  8. avatar Cherubim より:

    So nice and creative…

  9. avatar Cory より:

    I like your other watches better, Laszlo. The designs you’ve come up with from scratch. They’re unique and original. I think using an established IP (like Stargate or Tron) is a crutch that your artistry doesn’t need to use in order to be awesome. Wasp, Nami, and Henso are just three examples of this.

    I like your work which stands on its own much better than stuff that’s derivative.

    Just my 2cents.

    • avatar Laszlo Scheffer より:

      Ok I like you looks like better my other watches but my other watches is not enough points and comments.
      (sorry for my english)

      • avatar Cory より:

        heh, yeah. It seems like to get the votes, going with an idea people already know is the way to go. Maybe I should make a Marvel Vs. Capcom watch next :D

  10. avatar Mark より:

    I’d buy 2 of these in a heartbeat!!

  11. avatar Firdaus より:

    Awesome and amazing!

  12. avatar Eternity より:

    I love the lightning in the middle its SO cool!!! The way the time is told is so simple and yet looks so futuristic!! If there was other colour options for the outer lights like blue or green i would be sold in a heartbeat!!

  13. avatar Beto より:

    This watch looks amazing.

    On a side note: Thanks for helping on my 3D “Conduit” watch design.

  14. avatar Tokyo より:

    Please Please Please make this!!! I need this watch!!! AMAZING!!

  15. avatar capensis より:

    The best concept I’ve ever seen! Please make this watch!! It will be the best watch you’ve ever done!

  16. avatar A S より:

    I would love this watch, I do agree though with the strap idea.

  17. avatar Sandra より:

    Just amazing! You deserve it to be made, really. You have put so much effort to your designs. I would so buy it! I like this strap, I think its elegant. And I love the small details.

  18. avatar Rob より:

    Very simple yet beautiful. Definitely should be made. I would buy it. Maybe an optional choice of strap? I know that some of my friends prefer a metal band but I prefer leather.

  19. avatar Aphosno より:

    It is not simple, it has too many details. The strap is very good. The blue center is also very cool. But the case looks way too kitschy. It is like trying to copy the stargate and not creatively using the inspiration. As a stargate fan, I would like to have 9 chevrons and a moving inner ring. So on the one hand the watch is very detailed, on the other hand it is just false. Maybe false enough to not get problems with the stargate producers. Thats just me though. Technically the watch is good as always. I would not buy this, sorry.

  20. avatar St より:

    Looks good, but its not that original; it looks just like the stargate itself. There are similar watches already done, so… But really, It looks very cool though.

  21. avatar Liam より:

    Sorry dude, the watch template looks very similar to old metal watches with chronographs that has run out of style and was just modernized. I think you have to do something with the face to make it sleekier in design and the strap to be in harmony with the elements of the face. Otherwise, the only saving grace for this watch would be the sequencing of the lights in its animation display.

  22. avatar Highlander より:

    Great Design!

  23. avatar docrmc より:

    the geek in me is turning cartwheels, and i might get it just so, but I agree that there is some..lack of flow btwn the face and strap. modern touches wise- a gps variant, in order autoupdate by timezone, would be neato.

  24. avatar Lazlo Holyfeld より:

    I love it! I’d buy this in a heartbeat.

  25. avatar Bob より:

    I would buy about ten of these!

  26. avatar Paul より:

    1 word Awsome !!!

  27. avatar Kip より:

    Oh YES ~ i will save the money now – and you go ahead and convince Tokyoflash to proceed with making this design! ExCELLENT Work LAZsLO Scheffer ! Thanks ~ Kip

  28. avatar SGFAN より:

    Brilliant i want one

  29. avatar Watto より:

    So if the 9th chevron takes you to another galaxy, where does a 12th one take you?

    Love it!

  30. avatar Steveg より:

    WOW..Tremendous..Please take it to market

  31. avatar Hasti より:

    I can see this being tricky to make, but it needs to go to market, simply amazing. I would buy one in a heartbeat. Quite clearly its got some fantastic potential, but the main question would be how to make the middle?

  32. avatar Spencer Sheward より:

    Brilliant. It just has to to be made. I’ll be getting 1 myself and a few more as presents

  33. avatar Farkas より:

    This….this…..there is no word for that. I’m an SG fan, and i want to have this watch :)

    Uram. Minden tiszteletem az öné. Nekem soha nem jutott volna eszembe ilyesmi. De a lényeg. Igényem van egy ilyenre :D (sorry, for thoose, who can’t understand this).

  34. avatar NavarinTR より:

    I would like to take this wristwatch as a Stargate fan. Definitely very cool :)

  35. avatar Yılmazhan Demir より:

    You will be rich with this watch my friend :D and ıf this watch has a asgard and ancients or goa’uld languages, ıt will be great ::D

  36. avatar NavarinTR より:

    Voting is over :)