Predator Themed Watch Design

Design submitted by Geppe from Italy.

I had this idea while I was watching the movie “Predator”, in particular the scene of the final countdown, where you see the flashing red symbols on the self-destruction device.

Reading the time is quite simple, the circle composed of 12 segments represent hours 1-12, the symbols inside the circle represent groups of 10 minutes (10-20-30-40-50), the symbols on the right represent minutes 1-9 and the three dots in the bottom indicate if the time is AM (switched-off) or PM (switched-on).

This design is based on a popular theme like “Predator” that is a cult movie, so it could be intresting for sci-fi fans or simply for people who love modern and futuristic design. I think this design is both particular and simple but not banal and, in my opinion, could be a good blend of fashion and technology.

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14 Responses to “Predator Themed Watch Design”

  1. avatar GenzanRider says:

    This design is absolutely wonderful !!!
    I always wanted a Predator Watch with the original symbols!

  2. avatar Samukun says:

    This one lines up with the other Predator inspired designs here. This is quite nice. Totally imaginable and a good adaption to what is seen in the movies. This design, and all the other ones in the blog, are too clean, too peaceful I think. Predator is more rough… That’s just my feeling :) You already made the watch look a little used, wich is definitely a step in the right direction. I like the three pm dots! Good luck Geppe!

    • avatar Geppe says:

      Tanks Samukun, you’re right, the watch design is similar to others already seen on the blog, but I focused more on the display and on the symbols. Probably as you say the design is too clean, maybe a net or a scales texture for the watchstrap can make the design more aggressive

  3. avatar Chris Clarke says:

    I like the display, but the watch design itself is a bit basic, a better case would make this awesome!

  4. avatar Gatsu says:

    I like how the time is displayed but not the watch itself.

  5. avatar Aphosno says:

    I agree with above comments. Great display. The watch itself could use a little refit. Cool idea anyway.

  6. avatar Shawn says:

    i like this one. i want this one…i need this one :)

  7. avatar vanszagen says:

    Just smile!

  8. avatar said says:

    Nice! I would have even integrated a laser with the 3 dots in it!! ;)

  9. avatar RYan says:

    i would buy this watch today!!!

  10. avatar FTVZimmy says:

    It’s cool. design the watch and strip maybe? i would love to see 4 sets of the 1-9 like on the predators wrist. = ) i got the countdown tattood on me and afew predators. Favorite Sci-Fi monster

  11. avatar renato_ung says:

    unique design …….. we hope that it will produce …. . Good job … with the hope you will plan other watches with this feature.. ..

  12. avatar predator says:

    i’m a huge predator fan/collector…please tell me this is going into production..would make a great addition to the collection.

  13. avatar jc86 says:

    love predator.
    would totally buy this right away!