A-Tron- A new Tron inspired LED Watch Concept

(English) Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Another Tron inspired watch, Laszlo here created a new and interesting design for the concept.   Structure is feasible with an electro luminescent backlight which shows analog timing.

Dot indicators are used in this design instead of discs and time is indicated with filtered light through the two display plates.


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A-Tron- A new Tron inspired LED Watch Concept, 4.3 out of 5 based on 231 ratings

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16 Responses to “A-Tron- A new Tron inspired LED Watch Concept”

  1. avatar Cherubim より:

    I’d buy this at once…so cool and cute!

  2. avatar THX-1701 より:

    Good watch. They should release it with the 7R0N. Like a Tron watch bndle type deal.

  3. avatar Hison より:

    Not as good as the other one, not simplistic enough

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    Nice retro style watch. I like the light gaps in the straps andf the ease in reading it.

  5. avatar Lukez より:

    Not as good as the 7R0N. Come on TokYoflash, release the 7RON already it has been months!!! 7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!7R0N!

    • avatar Laszlo Scheffer より:

      Not so good, all right. A different manner. ;) Release the 7RON… why did you write this for me? I’m not the Tokyoflash. Please contact them on Facebook, or write e mail them to: watches@tokyoflash.com

  6. avatar RelaxAndRawr より:

    I do like the 7ron watch as well. But, I will try to evaluate this watch on its own, since that would be fair.

    When I see this watch, it doesn’t really remind me of Tron. There’s nothing really here that really stands out as something from Tron. I think the grayed out dots all over the place also make it look a little complicated.

    It is very simple to read, though, which is nice.

  7. avatar Aphosno より:

    Yes this one should be evaluated separately. All this 7R0N bla bla is annoying already.

    This is a cool analog watch. Easy to read and nice good looking decent blue details on black case and straps. Also easy to make if I see it right. Not exciting, but nice.

    • avatar Laszlo Scheffer より:

      The name is just a thing but thank you for your comments. (A-Tron is meaning Analogue Tron)

  8. avatar Bruce より:

    Sucks how this is being compared to the 7R0N. This watch looks too normal to be a tokyoflash watch. It would be nice if the lights shone more.

  9. avatar Luc from France より:

    Not bad but I prefer 7RON

  10. avatar Lou より:

    DOes the strap light up too?, does it use EL tape?

  11. avatar Laszlo Scheffer より:

    Not light, just coloured.

  12. avatar akacim より:

    I think it’s better than the original, because it can be manufactured! I want to buy it!!