Yonkaku Watch Design – Interlaced Squares


Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: “My idea was a display with nine digits which can have four states as an alternative to the traditional four digits which can have a maximum of nine states. I liked the artistic but still rational display while I was sketching for it.

Each digit stands for a number (1-9) depending on the position on the display. The four states stand for the order in which the digits are read. There have been many ideas how to divide a digit into four parts which can be distinguished easily and also be on at the same time (for e.g. 11:11). Finally I chose interlaced squares wich give the watch it’s name: Yonkaku (四角).

For the watch itself I took my inspiration from the Nekura watches’ metallic straps. You read the time from the smallest shape to the biggest. The position where you find the digits tell you the value of this digit. If a shape is missing, then it is a zero. So 00:00 is an empty display. 01:00 is just a small square ring on the first digit. 11:11 are all squares lit up on the first digit. I offer LED as well as LCD variants of the watch. So this design can be affordable to everyone.

I also imagined how to apply color to the display, the framing material and the metal. There are many many possibilities. I believe I’m appealing to artists, fashion victims and party people with this watch design. I’m playing with duality (hardness of display – smoothness of the watch, reflective material – matte material, brightness and darkness) so the watch keeps your eyes exploring. I refer to the known number layout of number pads which make it easier to learn to read I think, but at least offers a working alternative to counting and calculating watches. I show, that this design could be made in many variants without being too expensive.”

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25 Responses to “Yonkaku Watch Design – Interlaced Squares”

  1. avatar shadmed より:

    Love it!

  2. avatar Laszlo Scheffer より:

    Uhh, this is very good! Perfect! Congratulations to all of yours! No more planning. This is yhe end of tge challenge. Fifty points! Production immediately.

  3. avatar Onno Smits より:

    How can you see the difference between 17:00 and 00:17 on this watch?

    • avatar Onno Smits より:

      Or 01:50 and 15:00 and 00:15 ?

      Cool idea, but not really practical I think.

      • avatar Onno Smits より:

        Whoops, nevermind, I see now. The size of the squares are still indicating in which order the zero’s are present. Very cool indication of time.

  4. avatar Patrick より:

    It is an interesting watch (beautiful animation), but it could have been drawn by others …
    I prefer the “ViRea”, the “One Line” or “Kanjiflow” or the “Solar-powered” that reveals your unique imagination (this is only my point of view).
    Good Eve, next year, Sam

  5. avatar Aphosno より:

    That’s the last watch of the year 2010 and it is the perfect end of a year full of wonderful concept watches!

  6. avatar Samukun より:

    @ shadmed: I’m glad, thank you.
    @ Laszlo: Woohoo, thanks alot!
    @ Onno: Yes you figured it out :D Thanks for taking your time to do so.
    @ Patrick: :) Thanks for your perspective.
    @ Aphosno: Oh yes it is! And you are right, this blog is wonderful and I’m looking forward to 2011.

    To all of you, have a Happy New Year!!!

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Sam, I hesitated to make that comment, I normally do not give my opinion if the project appeals to me less, but I respect your work and the technical point of view, that is fine as usual.

  7. avatar logan より:

    Sam, I like this method of displaying the time best among all your designs. Also, I think it’s your most realistic rendering — especially, the LCD rendering is superb. My personal preference would be for the black-and-silver LCD version. Happy New Year!

  8. Well done Sam, this watch is unique and not hard to read. With other tokyoflash watch,we need to touch a button to display the time, hopefully Yonkaku can display the light all the time.

  9. avatar TheWhispofSmoke より:

    great concept hope it comes out so i can buy

    happy new year
    (hears my smiley)☺

  10. avatar Rob より:

    Terrific! Fun unique and simple! definite buy if tokyoflash produces!

  11. avatar Genghis より:

    Very nice one Sam ! Simple and clever and , I would buy it !

  12. avatar Creonte より:

    Two things are really important for me at the time of choose a watch:

    1. Very thin design.
    2. Hard to read at the begining.

    This one concentrate those premises for me. I hope Tokyoflash put it on production soon cause I’ll buy it imediately.

  13. avatar Alberto より:

    Nice Idea BUT:
    The Yonkaku Color screen 2 “Green” watch shows 06:20 and not 04:20 as writen please check your watch!!!

  14. avatar Showroom より:

    Congratulation Sam, it’s a good work!

  15. avatar Samukun より:

    @ All new entries: Happy New Year to you too! Thanks alot for your comments! I’m trying very different things and I’m glad you like this one :D

  16. avatar migmar より:

    Very nice!

  17. avatar said より:

    Very nice design Sam! I really like the way to read the time and it gives a nice pattern… everything is great!
    I just would have expect from you a little animation on how the lights turn on. Can I suggest like a drop of water. If the center square then the second then the third then the outer square appears in this order that might provide a bit this effect :) What do you think?
    About the strap, I agree it looks good but I’m not a big fan of this metal sheet.
    (this is totaly personal matter though!)
    Great job!

  18. avatar Samukun より:

    @migmar: Thanks for your short but nice comment :)

    @ said: Thanks alot for your words! I like the way you see things (I read your comments for other watches too). Good suggestion for the animation. You maybe oversaw the preview image from the blog front page. Here it is: http://www.tokyoflash.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/sam-jerichow-Image-01-yonkaku-animation.gif. Hope you like it ;)

  19. avatar Samukun より:

    Thanks to all supporters. Was nice to read your comments!

    Bes regards,
    Sam :D

  20. avatar GN より:

    Great impression from first sight, very stylish and playful! I can see the concept of 4 is pretty thorough in this design, appearance and time-reading show a lot of thoughts. And well, thanks for proving that somehow a watch CAN be more fun than sudoku haha.