Starcraft Pocket Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Andreas from Germany.

Andreas says: “Watching the starcraft 2 trailer I saw Arcturus looking at his pocket watch. I liked the idea of a pocket watch, because nowadays watches are again more a lifestyle object than a necessity. I don’t like the old antique design style, so i decided to build my own. The result is a steam/cyber/retro punk pocket watch.”

The design is quite simple: 12 leds show the hour, the two digits 7  show minutes. Steampunk or cyberpunk enthusiasts would love this and anyone who enjoys the elegance of a pocket watch combined with the unique experience of old tradition and modern technology will be a fan.

Kudos to Andreas for creating a working mock-up. We love the effort that has clearly gone into this design. How would you like to see this concept developed – let Andreas know your thoughts and maybe he can come back with a redevelopment.

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7 Responses to “Starcraft Pocket Watch Design”

  1. avatar Mike より:

    Reminds me of a bomb timer.

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    Hallo Andreas, tolle Sache! (Just a german to german thing at first :) ) You made your own digital pocket watch!

    I like the simplicity of this design. The layout is a bit unbalanced (circular arranged rectangles forming a star shape vs big rectangle; the diagonal placement is not mine and the big LED-less area is too big, but that’s just taste)

    It is definitely worth a redevelopment!!! Imagine this with well integrated LEDs! Putting the minutes in the middle and letting the hours be on the big circle… ah, I just realize, that’s to traditional. It’s better to keep it that way. Maybe centering hours and minutes for some symmetry? You see, your real watch makes me thiiiink!

    I like the screws, they have to be in the redeveloped version! The circularly (?) structured metal is just made for such a watch – looks cool.

    I think you touch the flair of Tokyoflash watches.

  3. avatar Patrick より:

    Although Andreas is the “Art Brut” and I think it’s pretty awesome.
    Unlike Sam, I appreciate very much, I do not touch anything, it’s perfect (the implementation details will change slightly, but all is surprising and successful)

    Metal and LEDs, I love it!

  4. avatar logan より:

    Bravo, Andreas, for actually making something! Making it with your own hands is much more impressive than just drawing it on a computer, I think (being one who can only draw on a computer). My personal preference would be to see less empty space on the case, either by adding more LEDs or making what you have fit more tightly into a smaller case.

  5. avatar Austin より:

    Very nice, I’m a huge fan of the steampunk look and I must say that I really do like the simplistic/futuristic design of this watch. The ring of rectangular lights reminds me of the sun. Great job man!

  6. avatar Sascha より:

    Very Nice

  7. avatar said より:

    Wow! Amazing Andreas! You actually did that yourself?? Really impressive!
    Just wondering, is your job Bombe maker ? No, just kidding! As Austin said, it does look like steam punk and I love that part! Maybe you should try to make it rusty a bit ;)