Special Force Watch Concept

(English) Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Inspired by scanning devices for scanning targets in sci-fi movies, Sam used three themes to create a series of watches — radar for land and air targets, sonar for underwater/land targets, and a scanner from sci-fi movies.  Blue is for sonar, green for radar, and red for scanner watch.

The time is shown as three targets which are lit up.  By pressing a button, a radar/sonar/scanner animation will start on the display.  Within that animation, three dots will show up.  These dots represent the hour hand, the minute hand, and the second hand of an analog watch.  A weak radial grid will also show up, so the ‘target’ positions can be better interpreted.  When the button is pushed, the animation makes one round and the targets disappear after a few seconds.  If the buttons are held for a longer time, the animation continues and keeps lighting up the targets until time is read.

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38 Responses to “Special Force Watch Concept”

  1. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi より:

    brilliant ! Very beautiful renderings, but I have seen it before, nnot in the same manner, it was a radar watch.

    Beautiful shape.

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    Hello Sam, the idea of radar is very good, the movie also (I can not use software like you to express my ideas as well, it’s fantastic!)
    There’s just one little thing, not to mention the screen, the design of the watch I like less, you know my commitment to the drawing (this is only my opinion).
    I vote YES, because all your watches are very beautiful and your drawings are realistic. What production wouaaa!

  3. avatar Maciej より:

    This is great Sam. You just got a first buyer! I love the idea. Great inspiration, fantastic idea. Lovely rendering & unique case. For me absolute 5. Most of the watches have got some theme or inspiration, but this one is pure idea transferred in to product. I like when idea is not just inspired by some theme or pattern, i like when idea & final design is one same thing. I hope you know what i mean :) . Totally awesome!

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    @ Gabriel: Thank you! My radar idea developed indepentently (is that a word?) I just googled it… Interesting how different people can have the same idea :)

    @ Patrick: Do you use Gimp or even Photoshop? There is a way to create little movies. I learned to do it because sometimes still images cannot express my ideas (or my words are not enough :) ) If you like to discuss this, you can write to samukun(at)gmx.de so we don’t bother people with tech-talk. Can you tell me, what exactly is it, you like less? It is always good to know ;) Patrick, merci beaucoup! (je n’ai pas une cedille)

    @ Maciej: Yes I know what you mean :) This idea goes deeper than “just” a graphical intention, wich I also like, tehehe. I like such movie gadgets and always wanted to have a James Bond watch (wich can do anything). All those radar, sonar, scanner situations in movies are always so thrilling (you need to wait for the scan to reach the target, on the next scan the target is gone or you see it is suddenly very close to you, waaaa) Thanks alot!

  5. avatar New Duke より:

    Nice idea Sam, I can totally see myself wearing this while playing laser tag or clubbing. Really interesting design.

    Keep smoking whatever it is that inspires you ;-)

  6. avatar Avatara より:

    In a word, WOW! Excellent idea and beautifully presented. You must have a lot of time to work on these concepts Sam! Keep them coming, I love to see them.

    This has an interesting theme that achieves a good fit with the time display on a watch. It’s nice that there are 3 designs here. Could they be incorporated into one watch so you could switch between each? What technology would you envisage using – it looks very detailed.

    The time is simple to read but looks different, that’s a positive. I’m not a fan of the case and strap at all, it looks too military. Hard to please everyone I guess.

    This isn’t a watch I would wear but it’s a beautiful piece of work.

  7. avatar Ace より:

    Oh, I want that.

  8. avatar Samukun より:

    @ Duke: Lol :D I eat chocolate, yummyumm. Thank you!

    @ Avatara: I have my sketch book everywhere I go, so in the train and in my student job I can sketch quickly. At home “just” executing wich does not take long because it all has been thought through. Well Tokyoflash and all of you who give constructive and wow-comments give me energy, so It is also fun for me. I thought about color e-paper. I don’t know if it can be that bright, but it can be sharp and animated. I hoped to be not too military, but you’re right, hard to please everyone. But this is a legitimate opinion – that is what the blog is for. Thanks for your point of view Avatara.

    @ Ace: :)

  9. avatar iznogoud より:

    Este modelo es increible. Lo compraría sin dudarlo. SOLD!

  10. avatar Rob より:

    Definitely an amazing idea! I would definitely purchase this in a heartbeat! my only question is there only one option like sonar radar or scanner or are all three incorporated into the same watch?

  11. avatar GN より:

    This rocks! :D you just took it on further into flawlessness!
    Very sci-fi~ Enemy detection? haha! Time is always our enemy ;)
    and congratulations you just gained yourself another buyer :D woohoo~

  12. avatar IamGo より:

    amazing idea .. so simple and awesome looking

  13. avatar Samukun より:

    Iznogoud wrote (google) This model is incredible. I would buy it without hesitation. Muchas gracias!

    @ Rob: Well I planned three separate watches. If I imagine having all three options in one, it devaluates each option since they are just one among others. Hard to explain. If the blogger tendency goes to all-in-one, then I am the last who stops Tokyoflash producing this :)

    @ GN: Thanks so much! More smileys and less details? You really like it :D

    @IamGo: Thank you :)

  14. avatar antonio より:

    me parece un buen reloj original como solo ellos lo saben hacer quisiera saber si el reloj se hara realidad gracias

    • avatar Samukun より:

      ¡Gracias! También espero que este reloj se convertirá en real. Depende de los votos, los comentarios y la viabilidad del reloj. (Sam+Google=Fun)

  15. avatar erik より:


  16. avatar Aphosno より:

    I googled radar watch and I found ****. This one is so much better! Since I could not decide between the three options, I would buy all three if the price is right. Or you make it three in one, that would be awesome! I can’t wait to see this produced! The case looks like a spy gadget but not too much. Gute Arbeit Sam!

  17. avatar Samukun より:

    @ erik: :)
    @ Aphosno: Danke Landsmann :P Nice comment. 3in1 or seperate… let’s see how far this goes.

  18. avatar Patrik より:

    WOW !!! Really cool watch , but please make a more simple approach the the case. Just a Square with the band coming out would be nicer in my opinion.

    Still an awesome watch. Is there any chance that this will be produced ? The russian designer Alexey Bykov developed something similar but I think it got never produced … :(

    Is there any chance that this one will be ?

    • avatar Aphosno より:

      Yes that is the one I googled earlier. Round display and square case looks more like a toy in my opinion. I think that radar watch hasn’t been produced yet, because there are only those computer generated images out there. I think Sam made it pretty simple actually, round display, round case and a quite normal strap. He blended from the round case into the strap, that’s the only complicated element I see. In the end tokyoflash take what they can as a case and a strap. I think there is a chance they make it. The rating is good, the comments are good. I wish you good luck Sam!

      • avatar Samukun より:

        @ Patrik & Aphosno: Yes tastes are different :) I tried a fluent design with edges wich should look like one piece and not detailed. I believe the overall impression is good. Honestly, I hope there is a chance. Thank you for your thoughts!

        Oh yes, the other radar watch. I just read, that Mr. Bykov wanted to really make it a radar watch, with object detection and several high tech options. But he only showed three images and nothing more about these things. It is still a concept watch.

        • avatar Patrik より:

          Would be really cool if the radar keeps running all the time. I know this will cause a big reduction of battery live but its a price I would be willing to take.

  19. avatar Samukun より:

    @ Patrik: Hmmm yes “always on” needs energy. But it would be so cool! I learned, that solar energy isn’t enough for such an attempt. Making the watch reachargeable via USB could be an option, but realoading every day… Maybe “always on” until battery reaches 50% of charge, then it survives a week in normal mode… Waaaaa ideas!

  20. avatar Patrik より:

    I always thought it would be cool if Tokyoflash would give the people the chance to decide for them self weather or not they keep their device running/flashing or not. For example, press the button once, the radar flashes once. Press the button longer, you activate the radar to flash every 20 sec. for instance. But then you would need another button in order to set the time and I like minimalistic watches like yours better then the ones that have stuff sticking out on the sides , hm ….. maybe a certain combination, like press 3 times short and you can set the time, think thats possible ?

    setting and controlling is always a problem if you want to keep a certain style … and the usb thing, him, I thing even if you add a micro usb port it would make the watch thick and right now it looks slim and sleek.

  21. avatar Samukun より:

    Oh here I would like to have the time setting buttons on the back side of the case if possible. I saw that somewhere and I think thats a good idea.

    The flash-20-sec-idea is nice. I like the idea, that the display isn’t off all the time and it is pretty energy friendly (compared to everytime activation). To define those settings, a further button might be needed. Maybe the big button I have there, could have a friend on the opposite side of the watch glass. The upper (more rarely used) button to be held for 10 seconds, then comes setting flash behavior mode. The lower one is for the time (short press for one animation cycle, holding for repeated animation until time is understood). Well button count, their layout and pressing options need to be well balanced… tough task to keep the watch simple.

    Usb and case thickness… yes wise comment :)

  22. avatar iznogoud より:

    I love this design. I´m waiting that Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says something about this watch. PLEASE, MAKE IT!!!

    Sorry, my english is very bad.

  23. avatar Highlander より:

    Pure Awesomeness! You might consider adding in the design two sweeps or pings per activation. Show multiple randomly placed targets in the first sweep, all red dots. As second sweep occurs the actual date and or time remains red all other random dots in first sweep turn green. Concept is, all bogies listed in the first sweep. Friend or Foe recognition occurs during second sweep with the enemy, i.e. time, list as red dots and friendlies turn green from the first sweep. The design could also show randomly placed green dots in first weep and second sweep the only remaining dots are time or date.

  24. avatar said より:

    The radar effect is awesome! The animation brings the product really alive! I like that!
    My only comments if I had one would be I would prefer a different case, maybe.

    Great job!

  25. avatar Samukun より:

    @ Highlander: Oh the random target idea is very cool. It gives the watch an extra gadget touch. Instead of the different colors, I would use dots -> o and dots with rings around them -> (o) to distinguish friend from foe. Just to keep a consequent color theme. Thanks alot for the creative input!

    @said: Maybe… Very diplomatic :) Yes, the animation is the key element of these watches. So I would really like to have an automated scan cycle each minute, to celebrate this. Thanks again :D

  26. avatar Josh より:

    This is a great idea, I would absolutely love this as a watch.

  27. avatar JK より:

    Cool Idea. Make some apps for IStore or Android. I would like to have something like that on my phone!

  28. avatar Samukun より:

    @ Josh: Thank you!
    @ JK: Thanks :) Could be made to kinda advertise the watches.

  29. avatar Kyle より:

    I would definitely buy this on DAY ONE if this watch is made!

  30. avatar Ashley より:

    It’s GORGEOUS. I’d LOVE to have this….I would honestly probably get one in every colour….