MOTION – Concept Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo’s inspiration for the “MOTION” watch concept was from a YouTube video “Spinning LED Display using Fan Motor“. There are two ways to view time on “MOTION” – 1. Press key A once and move your wrist to see the time for a few seconds. 2. Press key A twice to see the time instantly.

This is certainly an idea that hasn’t been featured on the Tokyoflash Design Studio blog yet and is uses an interesting way to view time. One question would be, can you move your hand fast enough to view the digits created by the LEDs. It’s excellent that it also has a back-up way of reading the time so that you don’t have to shake your wrist every time you wish to view the time.

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9 Responses to “MOTION – Concept Watch Design”

  1. avatar Samukun says:

    This is outstanding! I’m not sure if this works on a wrist, but if it does I buy it. The alternative reading option is clever. Good luck!

  2. avatar Aphosno says:

    I think it is possible. It is a cool way to tell the time! I prefer less effort (less movement, less counting) but this could be a seller in my opinion.

    • avatar Danman says:

      What do you mean? If someone asks you for the time you just swipe your arm in front of their face lol. Yeah but seriously I know what you mean. It would be pretty much useless in the day time, and you would probably have to do it multiple times to actually read the time.

      However I just love the idea of it and that alone would assure my purchase. Just an idea: To make the design somewhat less impractical, you could have a accelerometer in it which synchronizes the output to the speed that you wave. That sounds pretty impractically in itself technologically, but it might help, despite making you look more foolish.

  3. avatar Avatara says:

    This is a beautiful design. I love your work Laszlo. I like the watch even without the motion function. It doesn’t seem practical to have to wave your arm to read the time. Make this watch please Tokyoflash! :-)

  4. avatar said says:

    That’s really nice! I think I’ve seen this in clock already and that would definitely make a great tokyoflash watch!!
    Great idea Laszlo!
    I would buy that!

  5. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi says:

    Laslo, you did it again. Nice design. Do you know the old Geomesh watch ? I like it very much, and I would like to see a Geomesh Reloaded. :D I tried to do it for myself, but I tried only in google scheck and is not looking very nice. What program did u use for renderings ?


  6. avatar Monca says:

    The design is VERY-VERY FANTASTIC, I want to buy this watch. :-)
    Monca from Hungary

  7. avatar Laci says:

    Thumbs up on the concept and respect for the design, but imagine yourself hitting your own diaphragm on every occasion you wanna know the time… :D