Carbon and Steel LED Watch

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

A combination of carbon fiber and steel, this LED watch displays time in a very unique and luxurious way.

Time is indicated in small LEDs decorating the steel surface of the watch face.  5 hour group is the red LEDs on the left side and single hours are on the right.   The middle circle of blue LEDs indicate single minutes and lower blue LEDs show 10 minutes group.  It’s another unique and easy-to-read watch from Patrick.

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11 Responses to “Carbon and Steel LED Watch”

  1. avatar Avatara says:

    Another concept that is fantastically fun but in my humble opinion, a bit too ‘far out’ to consider wearing. I love the presentation and diagrams and the locking mechanism on this particular one looks unique. Nice job!

  2. avatar Bill says:

    Looks very Alien to me, which maybe great for Cyber Punk People. Cool for sure but not something I would buy. Maybe pick up and look at though.

  3. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    has a bit of a handcuff and shield look with alien landing pad on top. Never seen anything like it in this world! I feel if I strap it on I would be able to concur anything!

    • avatar Patrick says:

      True, it looks like nothing, watch this, it was my goal, thank you for your compliment!

        • avatar Patrick says:

          Laszlo, thank you for your attention to my project, it is also my goal.
          In your example where is the carbon? Where is the steel? Where are the LED with the reading of the day? Where is the removable closure?
          In your example, there are plastic and / or rubber, a traditional reading of the time on a screen, it has nothing to do. Open your mobile phone, you will have the same thing, only better.
          After yes, it’s a watch that needs to get around a wrist …

  4. avatar said says:

    It looks like a mix of hand cuffs and shield! Where do you get your ideas Patrick? everytimes it is more surprising! Maybe you can also try playing with numbers instead of just LEDs :)

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Like LEDs and metal, to me shows should be like a jewel.
      I have a computer screen, a phone with a screen, a television, then for a watch, another screen?
      Said I reassure you, it’s not my favorite …

  5. avatar Fares says:

    Great design. Definitely will buy it. Please produce it TokyoFlash, even if just one for me :)