Time in Seconds – Watch Design Concept

Design submitted by Calvin from UK.

The watch design is simple, a black screen watch face with one red LED dot in the middle.  You press the button once and the LED dot will appear then disappear four times to let you know what the time is.  The time is told by how many seconds the dot appears before disappearing again.

Let’s take 12:45 as an example.  Press the button and the red dot will appear for 1 second then disappear.  After a 2 second pause, the red dot will appear again for 2 seconds and then disappear.  Then after another 2 second pause, the red dot will show for 4 seconds then disappear, and lastly show for 5 seconds then disappear.  If you are not confident that you got the time right, hold down the button and a normal digital analogue will show at the top of the watch screen.

With this watch, you don’t tell the time on the watch… you tell the time in your mind!

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11 Responses to “Time in Seconds – Watch Design Concept”

  1. avatar cortjezter says:

    i like the idea, but most people do not have a good sense of timing for this to work… it would be more useful if it used a series of pulses similar to morse code to tell the user, like . . . — . . . . . — . . . . . . . is 3:57.

    nice design though.. i love simple :)

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

      i sent tokyoflash an additional message in the blog to change the watch so it pulses as u just said. but the message didnt go through i guess

  2. avatar Arrimer says:

    Hm. I don’t like the idea. It cuold take too long to get the proper time. I know it’s a matter of second but let say for 23: 59 we talking about 25 seconds starring on watch. Plus most of the people gonna have to carry a stopwatch on other hand to get the time correctly. Answer is no.

  3. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    this is 12 hour clock..for a certain reason…dude…so it wont take long to tell the time.

    • avatar Arrimer says:

      Well then it’s 19 seconds starring at watch. Try to do focus on something for 19 seconds, you will realize how long is it. especially on meeting, or bus stop, or when driving the car 100km/h you will make over 500 meters,within time of reading the time. It’s just not efficient.

      • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

        Tokyoflash is about an art form of the watch…not how easy u can tell the time or not lol. its cool in my opinion…did u ever think u cud tell the time by just a red dot? haha

  4. avatar Avatara says:

    It’s certainly a different way of reading time, so nice work on that. I agree with the others though i’m afraid. It’s a little impractical when you have to count in your head, quite difficult to be able to confirm whether the time is correct or not.

    With other designs on here, there are certain reference points or lights stay lit for a time in a certain place so you are sure of the time. This one doesn’t have that. 3/5 for the unique idea though.

  5. avatar Samukun says:

    Yeah pretty unique. Unpractical but unique. Well there are analog watches wich have no marks, only the watch hands. There you cannot say the exact minute too. But there you only look at it for one second and ur happy. Here it just takes so loooong. But honestly, counting shapes and calculate secret multiplying indicators (like on other submitted or already existing watches) isn’t much better. Spectacular yes, but not more practical. Nice watch. If Toyko Flash produces it for fun or artistic reasons, it would be cool.

  6. avatar honda says:


  7. avatar said says:

    Concept is interesting. Very minimal. maybe instead of using seconds on the design concept make this watch use morse code?