Electronic Bracelet Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Jozze from Spain.

This design is like a piece of electronic bracelet jewelry.  The use of randomly lit LEDs instead of precious stones plays with the concept of uniqueness and individuality, and the LED mixed with the aluminum case and leather watch strap gives the watch a cyberpunk characteristic.

Time counter is composed of 12 LEDs of 5-minute group, six on each side that follows a regular clock movement.  Each LED increases its brightness as it reaches the end of the 5-minute loop and remains on until the end of the hour.  The hour display is on the watch face and is represented by 12 LEDs that light up randomly.  Once the hour LED is on, it does not turn off until the end of the 12-hour loop.

This watch design works like a watch but definitely looks like it has some secret function than just a watch.

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14 Responses to “Electronic Bracelet Watch Design”

  1. avatar pinksoda より:

    wow! This is a very cool concept and very well executed.
    I really like the idea of wearing something else than just a watch.
    It might also be a good example of something fashionable and very trendy.
    It is just different, love it.
    Just found a little mistake under the name “Peluko”,, did you mean Tokyoflash..??

    • avatar jozze より:

      Yes I know. I tried to fix it sending the new images with the proper name but I suppose was too late..anyway, thanks for your comments!;)

  2. avatar Avatara より:

    Nice work Jozze! This would be fun for clubbing! I love the simple belt style appearance. How could I size this for my wrist? Would it work like a belt?

    • avatar jozze より:

      hehehe, yes it might work inside an electroclub atmosphere..:)
      The main features to show in the pictures were both the case and how the watch works. That´s the reason why the pierced strap is hidden in those pictures above but of course it is adjustable and you can size it as much as your wrist needs.
      I doubt it could work like a belt because of its size (regular watch size), unless you have a very thin one or unless guys from Tokyoflash would like to get involved into a new belt_watch market .. but never know; anyway it is another nice approach to the concept. thank you!

  3. avatar Tomoko より:

    Recently I’ve been looking for a new watch concept because typical watches are so boring and this is exactly what I want.
    Is this just a prototype or is already available in shops?

    • avatar jozze より:

      Nice to hear that! :)
      It is just a virtual prototype but if everything works ok it will be available in shops soon.. i guess ..

  4. avatar fernando より:

    hey man …. this is a clock?
    However, this cool, plus there are geeks with all sides sure you have easy sale … a kiss

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    Very coooooool! I would buyi it in an instant. Wise choise of materials and colors. The side LEDs are great! Tokyo Flash, make this watch please!

  6. avatar honda より:


  7. avatar said より:

    Very very nice leather band watch! Could probably also be in rubber (that s what I thought it was at the first glance) I always like this kind of electronic bracelet watch!! nicely done!!

  8. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Looks nice and minimal. Love the idea of lights on the side, adds a whole new dimension to time telling!

  9. avatar cascuda より:

    I love this watch!!!, is very stylish and fashionable, like a very exclusive piece of jewelry, and the way to read the hour is very original, I would buy it!

  10. avatar Aphosno より:

    Wow wow. Thats an awesome piece of work. So damn simple in appearance wich is totally cool. I’d buy it (if someone elses’ watch leaves me money, lol)

  11. avatar Bracelet Watches より:

    I genuinely loved this brilliant blog. Please continue this awesome work.