Magnetic Liquid Design Tells The Time

Karim Zaouaiさんの作品。




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Magnetic Liquid Design Tells The Time, 4.3 out of 5 based on 100 ratings

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11 Responses to “Magnetic Liquid Design Tells The Time”

  1. avatar GabrielBB より:

    Karim, I want this thing on my hand ! It is so new and so freaky !

    I think it will be diffficult to read it in direct sun. Maybe this liquid metal can be done in a different colour ? Even we repsrect the black colour, maybe a grey colour for indicators ? I saw the video, in is AMAZING. The indicators looks like gear, and it gives a very dinamyc look. The effect is like silent gear.

    I REALLY WANT IT !!!!!

  2. avatar TheWhispofSmoke より:

    The lights would be a good idea

    It looks like a nice design but the face and strap aren’t to fancy so i wouldn’t buy it,but if it were fancier I would get it

  3. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    The Mechanical part looks great! Case and strap…na. Can this be made?

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    Indeed something totally new to watch design, and therefore an eyecatcher.

    How do you red the time? I only see one indicator. Maybe like this: the indicator moves to the 12h position, rests there for a second and the moves to the 30min position and also rests there for a second. That would be… 12:30 :)

    Or you add another indicator, one for the hours, one for the minutes.

    However, the contrast is a little low. Reading it in too dark areas isn’t possible. There should be a minimum of convenience in the time reading part – even more because it is such an exciting display of time.

    Strap: no leather please for this design. Something black, shiny – just like the liquid!

    Case: Well it’s nice in it’s simplicity. So you can concentrate on the time display :P

  5. avatar Avatara より:

    Agree with GabrielBB, this is a fascinating idea and I can see how it would work. Would definitely be interesting to infuse some colors into the fluid to make the display more interesting.

  6. avatar said より:

    that is something really cool! perhaps the case could be a bit more attractive and masculine. It s a bit too simple and conceptual for me to wear. Could the case be in metal for example or does it has to be all plastic?

  7. avatar onisan より:

    Gotta have this one, the technology behind it is awesome. The video is freaking me out. I want this so bad.
    OK, yes, so I do really want a watch with this technology, it doesnt get any more special – however not wanting to put a downer on it, the actual watch case & strap are a bit boring. This watch design deserves to have a more thought into that part.

  8. avatar cmn より:

    hmmm another challange… but what i think would be perfect is, if the liquid could be touched.
    i mean, put it behind some strong fabric, and the liquid really stands out of the watch.
    so, i could TOUCH the time…
    and,… @Samukun, i really like to read the time in one step… so no wait for some seconds to see the rest…
    and yes… that wristband does not fit the watch itself… i would even go for metal here…
    but definitly a buy.

  9. avatar ned4spd8874 より:

    Yes I want one, and yes I want to get on the waiting list, and yes please tell me how!!!

  10. avatar Ace より:

    Don’t like it all, to simple and dull, it’s looks like a bad design from WW2, and war is never about pretty designs,

  11. avatar Cherubim より:

    I love this one.It is mysteriously cool.But I would like a designer rubber strap or a simple matte black metal bracelet or brushed steel.