A Watch Design That Uses Words Instead of Numbers


Design submitted by Tynan Mayhew from Canada. (14 years old)

Tokyoflash Says: This watch design is in fact very simple to read at a glance – when you know how. We like that the LEDs light up the individual words in order so that you can follow the written numbers to calculate the time. Maybe it would be fun to have some different typefaces or even different LED colors to indicate hours, groups of 10 minutes and single minutes.

This concept has now become reality. Kisai Kaidoku is available to buy here.kisai_kaidoku_colored_lcd_watch_design_with_leather_strap_tynan_mayhew_concept_to_realitykisai_kaidoku_tynan_mayhew_concept_design_original_concept

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11 Responses to “A Watch Design That Uses Words Instead of Numbers”

  1. avatar blablabla より:

    I think this is a VERY cool watch. The first “eight” is miss spelled howver as “eigh”

  2. avatar GabrielBB より:

    yes, it is very cool indeed. It is a fresh concept and original. I like it.

  3. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Interesting concept. Seen something simpilar before, but not exactly. The fact that all the words are connected makes it interesting. Another FONT would be nice. You could have a classic looking font with a classic looking case and strap, of a Futuristic font with futuristic case and strap. Could make a lineup with different styles I think.

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    Nice nice :) Maybe the font and the word layout aren’t the best in this state, but the idea is good. The 16:9-ish screen looks cool and is chosen wisely for the text.

  5. avatar said より:

    It is great!! has tokyo pimp and samukun already said, maybe the style can be even better with a cooler font, Taynen. But that’s tokyoflash AND very easy to read… good job!

  6. avatar onisan より:

    Great idea. I’d like to see some variations with different font, fill up the face with the numbers – dont need the lines or tokyoflash on there – then I think this should be a good seller. Very easy to read, unusual, nice design – perfect eh?
    Such a simple idea, but no-one thought of it before? This kids gotta be a genius!

  7. avatar Ace より:


  8. avatar bentonpena より:

    would like to have the “ap” different as ap means nothing… maybe ampm as all words are cluttered.
    I would buy this product, yes…

  9. avatar mechanicalhorse より:

    the standard problem with tokyoflash watches (I own one btw) is that that you can’t tell the time until you click a button and they light up. I would buy the above design if it is always visible. This means that you probably can’t design it with an LED – it needs a e-ink or similar display that can show some color and brightness without needing a backlight.

  10. avatar Arsonist より:

    Nice and original…like it!

  11. avatar Cherubim より:

    simple but cool…I like it