Watch on wrist, but time “On Air”

Watch Design submitted by Iskender Asanaliev.

ON AIR Wrist Watch design shows time in an extraordinary minimal way. The LED display shows minutes with numbers and its position shows us the current hour. The display also functions as a light and set button. If you push once, the LED display lights up. To set the time you just need to push in the center of the display for 5 seconds and the LEDs flash, you then push the upper or lower corner of the display to set the hour and the left and right corner to set minutes.

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Watch on wrist, but time "On Air", 4.7 out of 5 based on 230 ratings

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28 Responses to “Watch on wrist, but time “On Air””

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    BEST DESIGN OF THE YEAR!!!! Can anyone disagree! Brilliant!

  2. avatar GabrielBB says:

    Yes, this is the best for this year. I love it because is transparent, and is very simple. It looks awesome. On a very hayry hand, maybe the glass should be a little darker. AWESOME. I will buy it for sure !!!

    • avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

      I thought the sam thing about the hairy wrist. Maybe needs to come with a shaver included? Shave a circle on your wrist!

  3. avatar said says:

    great! I want to buy it and tatoo the hours on my wrist with tokyoflash logo!!! I would look so cool!!

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

      Good one! We can include a rub on tattoo set with various fonts with every watch! Good Fun.

  4. avatar Graffs says:

    This is the best Watch I’ve ever seen! (I created this account only to write this comment.)
    I like how simple it is to read the time while most people will not know how to read the minutes when they look at this watch for the first time. I also like the glass ( a little darker would be okay for me, too, but i also like it as it is).
    I also like the idea of changing the time by tapping on different areas of the display. Thats cool, because changing the time would become kind of a magical trick! (But the watch would be awesome without this feature as well).
    If you built this watch (not too big, please!) I would absolutely buy it instantly!
    It kills me, that I can’t buy this watch right now.

    PS: If it would be possible to change the time by tapping on several areas of the watch. (Wich means, the touch interface is able to recognise, where exactly you tap on.) Wouldn’t it be even more cool to change the time by dragging your finger over the interface? (For example: Hold the middle for five seconds, drag your finger in a circle on the watch to set the hour, like the touchwheel on an iPod, tap the middle, and change the minutes like you changed the hours.)

  5. avatar mannick says:

    I love this watch because of it’s simplicity and the killer looks it has. It tells me what time it is and looks dang good doing it. I just hope that they don’t make it really fat or extremely big because my wrist is on the smaller side. I wish they had a buy now option, haha!

    @Graffs: I agree that some of those features would be nice, but not if it is going to take this watch longer to get to the market!

  6. avatar Avatara says:

    Yeah, this is a nice looking design, simple and clean. Like the idea that the numbers point to the hour.

  7. avatar cafemm says:

    I didn´t know a watch like this was possible. It´s just awesome, I agree with Avatara. I´d buy it.

  8. avatar ashoosh81 says:

    how can i buy this product i want to buy it to my husband:) really nice

  9. avatar varhodes says:

    breathtakingly beautiful and elegantly simple… WELL DONE!

  10. avatar varhodes says:

    I love this design… I think the 1 as a digit will be difficult to show because of the extreme horizontal orientation of each digit place. Perhaps it could appear as a filled rectangle (like a zero, but solid). Some sort of cool animation would be great before the time displays… touch the glass screen and it sweeps around like a radar or concentric circle pulse out from center. Then time appears. Can’t stop thinking about this design!

  11. avatar says:

    Without a doubt this is the coolest watch I have seen. very elegant design, My only concern would be how visible the minutes would be at night, if the red is illuminated that would be awesome, if not then a illumination feature would be great. for the hairy wrist concern above I would offer accessories to stick on the back, static clinging plastic designs so that you can leave it clear or change the background image, something similar to the tattoo idea only the image would be on the back side of the glass. instead of on the skin. I also agree with the animation before telling the time that would be cool.

  12. avatar Jono_2007 says:

    Soon i’m going to be a very very poor university student, but i’m gonna have to put some money aside for this, because i love it. I have bought a few watches from TokyoFlash and have looked over all the watch designs, and i think this is a winner.
    I would definately buy this without a doubt, i don’t care how much more debt its gonna put me in i would still get it :) I think it will look great in the dark or with the lights down, its simple yet looking at it doesn’t give the time away easily, which i like :)

  13. avatar pm says:

    Very original. I like the overall lines of the case and strap. Telling the time is very original. Perhaps I would make the numbers slightly less ‘squashed’ looking to make it a bit easier to read. Could you incorporate a day/date feature as well. good looking and unique.

  14. avatar dzynguy says:

    Hello all…I suggested TF get in touch with the designer of this watch (and vice versa) as it is, without question, one of the most beautiful designs I have ever seen. I urge you all to have your friends register and vote for this, in the hopes that TF will produce it. The other watches submitted are all nice, in the usual TF vein, but this is completely different,and really stands out. Please do what you can to help this fantastic idea come to fruition. Thanks. I will be first in line to get this (and maybe a freebie for hooking these guys up !!). Vote vote vote !! Regards, Steve C.

  15. avatar Samukun says:

    Totally buyworthy! I can only repeat what you all wrote here. This watch has several unique issues wich lets it stand out obviously.

    I wouldnt wear it, because I don’t think my hairy arm looks good with it :P And the material and shape is a bit too feminin for me. But that’s just me :) As I said, it is totally buyworthy! It would be a very good addition to TFs collection!

  16. avatar TheWhispofSmoke says:

    great looking watch sleek design and not super hard to read

  17. avatar mucho says:

    great concept … I would buy one for sure, but i am wondering how will look “17″, “10″ or “11″ minutes for example :)

  18. avatar onisan says:

    Yep got to give it to you, the design of this one is top notch, really simple & elegant time solution. Nice job.

    The challenge now will be for Tokyoflash to turn it into reality!!
    I cant imagine how they can get the numbers on the clear glass like that ….with an invisible module in the watch i guess?!?
    Even if it wasnt see-though, this would still be pretty awesome, a must have for me.

  19. avatar Synyster says:

    I can’t even explain how much I would love to have this watch!

  20. avatar comrad_in says:

    Hello every one, it surely is a great watch, but let me tell you this design is originally designed by designer named Jihun Yeom and this watch is known as”Aurora Watch”, For reference you can check out this link :

    If it is ok to customize someone’s original design then I can surely get some better ones.

    • avatar iskender says:

      Hi comrad_in,
      I’m the designer of this watch and I want to say you, please research before you’re going to make any conclusion about something. That is insult for me, I’m not a thief! I haven’t modofied the design, its totally original and unique idea and belongs to me. Here is the proof, I’ve submit it to the yankodesign first time on the internet, see the date:

      The second thing is I’ve doubts about Aurora watch, because when I was designing On Air I’ve many concepts and one of them was totally like Aurora watch (not the case but the principle), so a couple of months later I sent images of On Air and the sketches to the Chinese companys who said me that they can produce it, but they’re gone with saying no words. I don’t know maybe I’m wrong because I’ve seen moments like this many times, when someone makes and releases the same idea or design as yours before you act. Today I’ll upload that sketches so you can see it on under On Air

  21. avatar enrike2769 says:

    Me parece de todos los relojes que he visto el mas sorprendente e innovador,una autentica joya,ojala se fabrique,mi mas cordial enhorabuena a su diseñador.

  22. avatar Makkovik says:

    I hope that the display would be scratch-proof & that our fingers won’t leave fingerprint mark. The number could be thiner. I would buy because it look like a strange wristband when close. A lcd version would also be nice.

  23. avatar iskender says:

    Hi everybody!

    I’m happy to see that some people like it, its not for whom who likes classic watches. Some guys maybe would think its feninine, but I prefer to think its futuristic design, simple. I also agree with everybody who think that hairy arms wouldn’t look good under the dial, I was also wondering if it would be semi-transparent glass or just a black backside cover, but sticker like and custom background idea is cool :) I think about the interface its the default interface the way showwing the time but I think it would be cool feature to be fully customizable, maybe programmable display so somebody who wants extraordinary watch display would make his own display, people could share them on the net, isn’t it cool?

  24. avatar S.H.A.D.O Cmdr Straker says:

    Can’t wait to get this one !

  25. Your price is mine, I NEED this one !
    I love the work of Iskender Asanaliev one this watch, nice concept.
    I’ll buy it just after it release !