3D Unlimited

A concept wrist watch that uses an OEL panel to display the time. With a lenticular lens above the interface, the illusion of depth is created, resulting in a unique 3D effect.

The time is displayed simply in digits on the 3D cube beneath the lens – an unusual visual way to show time. No 3D glasses required!

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15 Responses to “3D Unlimited”

  1. avatar phizler74 より:

    wonderful concept ! looks great! very unique for you guys not using led’s i like it, would the screen have a back light?

  2. avatar FuzzyGoodle より:

    Oh my god that’s the coolest watch I have ever seen.

    It would be hard, but what if it came with a 3D modeling program. You create a pretty simple shape, then set the view, then select 3 sides to display the time. At the very least we should be able to customize colors and choose from predetermined shapes. But again that would be insanely complicated.

    USB charging and bluetooth connectivity (vibrating, CALL/MSG displayed on a rotating 3D shape would be AWESOME, etc.) would be nice. But you have to make sure the OEL panel isn’t huge, cause it would make it tacky.

    • avatar Dreasconse より:

      To add on to your idea, this watch obviously has a minimum of 12 textures. If we were allowed to design the textures for the digits as well as make the model (especially if the model did not have square faces for the time, and we could just import UVs as well), this would be a must buy for people who do 3D modeling.

  3. avatar numero6 より:

    After the model with electronic ink, another watch with an outstanding design !

    Superb idea.

    With a watch like this, you’re playing in the same category than urwerk, a swiss manufacturer which is making the most impressive watches i’ve ever seen. But the price of their timepieces………. unaffordable for the common people

  4. avatar pm より:

    This is a very good one, highly original, I like it a lot. I think a day date function would be good and possibly USB charging as well. Case and strap also very good. It would be good to incorporate an animation for the cube to move somehow, with an option to always have it static.

  5. avatar shinyoka より:

    Amazing Concept, it will be cool if the color change According to AM & PM, Plus have a Date Feature added.

  6. avatar Avatara より:

    Loving this idea. It’s fun, different and has the Tokyoflash edge. The time is rather simple to read – maybe something more cryptic would be cool but I like the cube image. Would like to see this lens and display idea in a different case.

  7. avatar Egnat69 より:

    Great idea and definitely very unique. I would love to see it combined with the idea of touch sensitive casing (i.e. a touch sensitive bezel replacing the button)… this would probably make the watch even more outstanding… also a more futuristic color scheme would be rather interesting… I’m thinking about kind of “glowing” colors like they were used in the tron movie a couple of decades ago… I guess that would go very nice with the whole idea of the watch.

  8. avatar reidiate より:

    Please ensure a choice of colour combinations.

  9. avatar Cas より:

    I want this one!!! easy to tell time, and a big WOW!-factor…..still want one………still……etc. :o )

  10. avatar eternally より:

    I agree with reidiate, the appeal of this design rests almost entirely on how customizable you make the image.

  11. avatar geominceur より:

    Awesome! Maybe I don’t look in the right places but I have NEVER seen a display like this anywhere else. Just a brilliant concept with a definite wow factor. For myself I’d like to see a final production item thinner but I’m a lover of thin watches so maybe I’m just being picky. Otherwise…… no, to hell with the otherwise, I’d buy it just as it is!

  12. avatar Avatara より:

    The more I think about this one, the more I want it! It’s a super idea, as geominceur says, it has the WOW factor! This could be my next Tokyoflash watch, after I get Kisai Keisan :-)

  13. avatar VintageDigitalWatches.com より:

    Great Watch, a unique concept, Tokyoflash always famous in there unique watch designs. if it have sapphire glass and titanium or ceramic body, then it would be more coolest wrist gadget..!