Light Constellation

The positions of numbers and lines on the face of this concept creates a pattern much like a constellation of stars. Red LEDs light up to display the time, which can be read easily due to the numbers within the lenses.

Simply connect the dots to read the time; e.g. 4+50+3 = 4:53. The display is presented in a simple round case and as an added touch, each lens is convex and raised above the surface of the face.

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10 Responses to “Light Constellation”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    You do star signs then you could say “What’s your sign?” Response would be the time. I like the look of this design Not my favorite but would buy!

  2. avatar Reece より:

    I really like this one. Unlike nearly all of the other designs you’ve done in this blog, this looks to be easy to read.
    Which, by easy to read, means you can tell the time at a glance. Most of the others seem to fail in this aspect. Sure, they look amazing, but they are a serious challenge to the ’2 second maximum’ watch glance rule. I don’t want to have to sit there counting shapes on my watch to tell the time. So this design is a big win for me.

    • avatar Avatara より:

      I like it – “the 2 second maximum watch glance rule”. In my experience you get used to reading the time after a few days, but this one is easy in that respect. Easy for the wearer; mysterious for the onlooker, nice. Love the simplicity, the constellation concept and the raised bubbles. This is a favorite!!

      • avatar Reece より:

        Yes, that is true, you do get used to it. Though i struggle to read Infection. I think it’s because my brain sees Fire, which is an ordered pattern. But Infection is kind of random, and the yellow 5 minute leds confusing, especially when you apply the 2 second glance rule.

  3. avatar cortjezter より:

    very interesting idea, and simple to read. this is kind of similar to what i was thinking the molecule design from the other day could be… more random placement of dots.

    can this watch have an animation sequence… maybe like having the stars twinkling? :)

  4. avatar pm より:

    I like the lines of this watch, including the strap and the slightly raised ‘bubbles’ housing the numbers (would these be glass or plastic?) I agree that telling the time on this one is a bit easier and that is a good way to go. I like the all red LED look, but I think it would also look good with different colours for the hours, min, etc. A day and date feature would also be good. Would the time be always on or is it displayed at the press of a button. I agree with the above comment that it would be a nice touch to have a star like animation included. Also USB charging could be included.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Thanks for the feedback pm, the bubbles would be acrylic I think and the time would be displayed with LEDs at the touch of the button. Good to hear your thoughts about color and functions.

  5. avatar unHOLYdoNUTS より:

    The Watch is really beautiful and I would buy it, but please with different colors and not with numbers on it…In my Opinion Numbers destroy the design of the Watch.
    The animation sequence @ cortjezter is really a nice Idea and Numbers don’t match a Stars criteria:)

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Hi unHOLYdoNUTS, thanks for your comments about the colors and numbers, appreciated.