Hexagon Art

The case shape is what really makes this concept stand out. Three colored LEDs set beneath round lenses are used to display the time; hours in blue, five minute increments in purple and single minutes in pink. Time reading is made simple by the fact that the lights are at the same points as numbers on a clock face.

This design certainly has a pop disco feel thanks to its bright colors and the matching stainless steel bracelet style strap with a continuation of dots. A unisex look that would be suitable for all.

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11 Responses to “Hexagon Art”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    This would be a great ladies watch. Funky. Not sure how it would look on men, but think it would be an interesting design to wear. Much more like a fashion accessory than a watch, which is cool. Who needs the time when you have a CELL anyways. It’s all about the design.

  2. avatar shinyoka より:

    Love the Concept of this watch too, but what happen if the time is like 8:40, Are the 2 color going to fuse to make another color?

    This watch reminds me of Black Light Parties, it have a nice psychedelic Touch to it.

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Thanks for the comments shinyoka, At 8:40 it would be divided equally into two colors; blue to show 8 hours and purple to show 40 minutes. A fusion of colors is an interesting idea!

  3. avatar cortjezter より:

    great idea! also liking the unique strap design. :)

  4. avatar Avatara より:

    Love this design, because it looks more like an original fashion accessory (bracelet) that displays the time rather than being designed as a watch. I think it would definitely be more suited to girls. Great stuff though!

  5. avatar wristwatcher より:

    I’m not crazy about this design but it’s just my taste, nothing against it. It looks a little feminine. The strap is perfect for this one. Maybe if you went full gender with it, shrank it down a touch and put a thinner strap on it without changing the design any it would work as a ladies watch.

  6. avatar mulder より:

    Looks like a LEGO watch on acid.

  7. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Yes think this is more of a ladies design. Perhaps some pink LEDs would get the ladies vote! Thanks for your input.

  8. avatar pm より:

    I agree with the sentiments that there is something feminine about this watch. I am not so keen on this one, it has too much of a ‘toy’ appearance about it (but then some people may like that). however it is a highly original design.

  9. avatar onisan より:

    it does remind me of that game “simon” back in the 80′s – LOL, but I think that kitsch feel might have something going for it amongst the fashion conscious.
    It makes me want to press the lights & play a game – ha ha

  10. avatar jayson より:

    I absolutely LOVE this watch.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with the people above who think this is “feminine,” I think it’s an incredibly cool mens watch. Very “hipster.”

    I’d gladly pay $300+ for this if it goes on sale exactly as it appears in the concept. This might not appeal to everyone, but that’s why those of us who like this would be willing to pay a bit more to have it.