Maru – The Fifth Pocket Watch Design

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: “I saw a documentary on TV about the “fifth pocket” on a a pair of jeans. They interviewed people on the streets and asked, “What is this little pocket for?” The most people said, it is for coins, chewing gum packages or condoms. Some people knew it was originally made to carry a pocket watch. After seeing this, I wanted to revive the initial usage of the fifth pocket also known as watch pocket. Continue reading


Slash – An LED Watch Design With Lines

Design submitted by Jordan from Canada.

Jordan says: “I was doodling on the back of a French test and I came up with this watch design.

The lines of light running horizontally represent hours. When the light is green, it counts as an hour. The vertical slashed line of light running through the center of the watch represents minutes. The hour lights represent 10 minute milestones. Continue reading


A Simply Complex Watch Design

Design submitted by Benegizer.

“My theme for this watch was “Simple Complexity.” I liked the idea of a very simple, rectangular shaped body. I wanted the watch to have a smooth, featureless face when off. I also wanted the body, face, and the light patterns to be as symmetrical as possible. Creating a very uniform, futuristic, but aesthetically pleasing watch design. Continue reading