All Around The Wrist Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Jonny from the UK.

Jonny says: “I was fed up seeing really awesome concept watches that I could not buy. It struck me that by law a watch must be a face and a strap. We are unable to buy the watch with a display all the way round your wrist designed by Peugeot or what ever. I wanted a concept that was realistic. Also… every time I look at my watch the face has disappeared to the underside of my wrist. Therefore I designed what looks like a heavy and expensive yet totally kickin’ rad solution. Continue reading


Resistance Pyramid Concept Watch Design

Design submitted by Jordan from Canada.

Jordan says: “I was just messing with triangles one day and found that 12 hours and 60 / 5 minutes fit perfectly into a pyramid type idea. It’s designed to be very minimalistic, containing no buttons. The time is read from the segments around the edge – large segments are one hour apiece, the smaller segments are five minutes each, and the triangles on the inside are one minute each. Continue reading