Razor Phone Inspired LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

This watch design was inspired by the old Motorola Razor phone which at the time was thin sleek and very industrial looking.

Time is told using light squares that represent units of measure that are then added up to give you the time – hours on the left and minutes to the right.

This design can be configured in many different ways using different colored lights and materials.


31 thoughts on “Razor Phone Inspired LED Watch Design

  1. Hi Gordon,

    I like the display, reminds me of a computer chip on a credit card or a sim card. The case/starp is a bit busy for my taste.
    Is it aimed at Ladies or is it uni-sex? If it is uni-sex I would be tempted to make the case wider than the strap.
    Nice work 5* and Yes


  2. 5* and yes…the display is epic, the way the hours and minutes add up is really cool…and the bracelet is epic, it reminds me of a structure from a futuristic movie or something xD good work


  3. Motorola Razr has to go down as one of the best and most futuristic phones of all time, so i love the theme of this design, the watch is ultra slim like the phone and i love the display, and if it had a similar finish to the phones keypad, kinda brushed chrome i would definately buy one. Maybe even approach motorola and try and get it made to be a bluetooth device so that u could answer a call and speak via your wrist. 5* Yes plz


  4. If you meant the Motorola Razr then I must ask you, what details of the phone inspired you? The color? Because there is nothing else reminding me of the phone here. I tolerate the case, it has a nice shape. But the strap is way too overloaded. Less is more, they say. That’s true here. Time reading is not overwheleming because it’s just rectangles.


  5. I guess i was inspired by the razor’s slimness, angular lines and industrial feel. I didn’t set out to make a razor watch, but i appreciate the comments


  6. I tell you what might be nice with your razor watch, you could do a necklace/neckchain version. I could image the watch case as it is now on a chain (it has a jewelry look about it)


  7. love the design, and the band/strap design is even cool too.

    not enought pay attention to the band imho, but yours suits the watch perfectly.


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