A Watch Design That Will Make You Smile

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: “Nowadays, the world is experiencing many difficult situations; rebellion, war, disaster, humanitarian and financial crisis, you name it. On a smaller scale, there are also conflicts within organizations, family, couples, and in individuals. The best remedy for sadness, hatred or fear is happiness. Smile and you will be happy.

I wish for our word to be a better place. I design Smile V.1 especially for the difficult situations currently happening around the world. This watch design is based on the Uzumaki spiraling watch concept but with Japanese smile avatar theme. This design uses a quartz movement with glow in the dark material and LED back lighting.

Smile V.1 is a collectable, would fit as a gift for specific occasion or special day, or as a happiness charm or just for anyone who likes it. Smile every time you see the time. It’s a fact that smiling can help reduce stress hormone aka cortisol.

This concept watch utilizes existing technology and should be easy to produce. Most importantly, Smile V.1 would bring happiness in your life. I love the song “Platinum Smile” by Riyu Kosaka and a Japanese Drama: Smile. Check it out as they are good inspiration. At last, I wish everyone happiness. SMILE!”


20 thoughts on “A Watch Design That Will Make You Smile

  1. maybe change the colors so the look more aesthetically pleasing. I do like the smiley face concept but it needs a little tweaks. Good Luck.


    • I have many color variation of it, but I’ve chosen this one, and I like it as it is now. Sorry I don’t feel to tweak it, I just throw my idea here, may be other guys will do it for you. Most importantly I want you to smile always and be happy πŸ™‚


  2. I was just thinking about a smiley face watch. It would be cool if the hours and minutes were the same color, just to make look more like a smiley face (if that makes sense) and the text bubbles on the pictures made me think it would be nice to have some sort of voice function so you can press a button and the watch will say the time in a very happy way. those are my thoughts, good luck on the watch!


  3. Ok first of all: no smiley for me. I understand of course, that it is fun, hehehe. It would be funnier, if the smiley wouldn’t be embedded is that rational case and displayed in such a functional way. If funny, then consquently I think. I have a funny idea for a smiley… I wait for your v.2…

    Case, straps and the connection part look really great. The renderings are wonderful again too πŸ˜‰


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