Quarter Time LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Den from Russia.

Den says: “I think in real life we always use sentences like “half past…” or “quarter to…”, so it is possible to make watch without minutes details. Just with quarters.”It’s an interesting idea and is a concept watch design that uses LEDs to show hours, in the same position as numbers on a clock and only shows minutes by quarters – it’s an approximation of time, but makes for an interesting appearance. See an animation of this design here.

The watch has a shape that focusses on the quarters, featuring a section at 00, 15, 30 and 45 to highlight these elements of time. If you’d like to see this concept become reality, please vote below.


3 thoughts on “Quarter Time LED Watch Design

  1. I want a watch which shows am and pm only. No honestly, I can see your idea of making a simple design. But you could use the center square to add the necessary minutes for an exact time. I think that is the least a wrist watch should do. The watch itself is a little too clunky for me but if there is a place for such a design, then here. 3* cause it could be better, but also worse.


  2. why you make the band looks like band-aid??? you can put it on ss strap and do some adjustment TO the watch position, it will look better. but it might be the matter of taste, and I don’t want to judge about the strap or coffee, the the picture make me feel relax lol…. hahaha It doesn’t hurt if I hit 5* for the effort for you and No for me. Keep it up!


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