Galo LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Galvano from Brasil.

Galvano says: “The idea for this watch design appeared after I bought some Tokyoflash watches and studied the different ways to see the time. This changed my way of thinking about watches and opened a world of possibilities, systems, design.

My design is clean and objective, i thing that it is composed by classic lines, the polished steel transmits a feeling of durability and power. The time is arranged in 3 groups, the hours (green LEDs) are in groups of 0, 3, 6, 9 and single hours. The minutes (red LEDs) are in groups of 0, 15, 30, 45 and 5 minutes. Single minutes are in grroupe of 4 single LEDs (yellow LEDs) that are in the centre in the angle of rectangular forms.

I think that geeky people, young and mature men, people with a expansive way to see the life, people that like of tecnology and design will like this concept watch design. The simplicity of lines, a classic but creative design, something beatiful that is a watch or accessory make this different.”


9 thoughts on “Galo LED Watch Design

  1. Oh cool! It took me a little while to understand because I’m ruined by old habits 😉 I like that watch. The mix between traditional analog indicator position and additional counting indicators is a nice diversity here. And wow, your LED color scheme and time explanation is incredibly close to something I am working on… Means: I like that, tehehe. I can only speak for myself, but this 2D line drawings are enough to present your idea – no 3D needed. Well the perspective on top say everything. This watch can come in black, chrome and even white but also in red, green or yellow (the colors of the LEDs). Very tokyoflashy watch! Good luck Galvano!


  2. Very cool! very tokyoflash! the idea of single hours then +3,+6,+9,+12 is brilliant! so often it’s done with minutes, but it’s forgotten that hours can be done this way too! 5/y!


  3. Thanks a lot everybody ! i think that idea it´s such simple and this simplicity is what i like on this watch, hope that the tokyo flash team turn my idea into reality some day, hugs from Brazil


  4. Very clever, and the right concept for tokyoflash. Theres no space to critic besause its really a solid concept. 5 star for this refreshing concept. And yes i, not would, but will buy this for sure.


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