Pimpin’ It Global LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: “The ‘Pimp’ series from Tokyoflash Japan is really interesting, and I wanted to try and expand on some of the previous watch designs and add my own touch of flair. Time zones on a flattened global map look really cool, and incorporating that into an LED watch seemed like a logical step, and a fun one!

There are 72 LEDs on the watch face, 12 in each row. The hours show up top, and the bottom row is 5 minute groups. Upon pressing the button, the hour will flash, and the 5 minute mark will also flash, with the individual minutes in the row after the current 5 minute mark indicating to add 1,2,3,or 4. Every third row of single minutes also illuminates to give the impression of a globe.

This design could be worn by anyone who keeps their own time and those who want to break away from the mundane. Pimpin’ it Global stands out in part because of the recessed LEDs in the watch face, and the unusual shape of the case. The links have small disks on either side which run the length of the band, making for a unique appeal.”


8 thoughts on “Pimpin’ It Global LED Watch Design

  1. The watch is pretty cool. I like this interpretation of the Pimp watch. But yeah, the strap could be wider or, as I would like it more, the case could be more slim… And I hope you use the vast number of LEDs for an animation. Otherwise you have 48 LEDs (of which 16 are on) to display the extra minutes only. May I suggest this as an animation? Would fit the globe-topic 😀 Solid, manly watch in Tokyoflash manner. Good luck Cory.


    • I submitted an animation with it, but I guess the file was a little too big for the blog format of TF’s site. Funny thing is, it’s pretty much Identical to the one you just posted :p

      On a side note, my Particle design was the wrong SIZE when I submitted it, so I resubmitted, and hopefully it’ll drop here soon.

      Thanks for the input on the strap/case. seems like I’m hearing that from a lot of sources, several of my friends have made a similar comment, I’ll make a couple changes and post them tonight or tomorrow.


  2. I see this watch and see it again, oh its been 15 minutes. as for the concept, although I’m not a fan of the bunch of leds but I like the whole watch very much, as it really feel like go global think when I wear it. I like to see a contrast white version with blue leds (with the case of the numbering being black). Hey I like the shape oooo… u can do ur future design with this shape… I can foresee it 😉 Go Global, Go yes for this pimpin brother…


  3. It might be interesting if different world times were added – to create a kind of global theme to go with the case shape…


    • It seems like an easy thing to add a function to program in multiple times. So for example, when traveling, set your source “home” time, and then a “destination” time, and just hold both buttons down simultaneously to toggle between the two.


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