Squares – A Light Sensitive LCD Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

An LCD watch design in two color variations; silver and black, both with an integrated which initiates a light sensor for the automatic backlight.

The design has an AM/PM function: when the patterns are on a dark background it’s AM, when the patterns are on a light background it’s PM. The outer 12 empty sguare patterns indicates the hours, the 11 solid squares indicates 5-55 minutes and the 4 empty squares are minutes 1-4.

The way that the display changes depending on light is an impressive feature; would you like to see this concept become reality? Offer Laszlo your feedback below.


13 thoughts on “Squares – A Light Sensitive LCD Watch Design

  1. Another killer Laszlo watch design. I like how there is no single curved surface on the whole design. This gives the watch a very appealing geometric harmony. Cheers all around!


  2. What if my sleeve covers the watch? What if I am in a shady area and but still don’t need the time? Automated light is not needed at all! Wouldn’t a continuous light be unefficient anyway? The light sensor would make this watch unnecessarily expensive. The design is not exciting, rather average in comparison.


    • The light sensor is not expensive. The lighting is only active if you want to see the time. (press button) Thank you for your comment.


      • You’re welcome. Lszlo, you’re describing a normal function of a Tokyoflash watch (light active if wanted). Where does the light sensor help me?


      • When you press the button, started the animation and when the ambient lights is not enough the backlight is switching it on.


  3. The light sensor makes the display to change (day or night) which is a very nice feature and I think it would help to sell the watch. The light sensor also can be used to charge the battery.
    Question, do I still need two hands to see the time?
    Elegant design Laszlo. The silver would look especially good on a woman’s wrist.


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