Twist Butterfly Watch Design

Design submitted by Jan from Holland.

Jan says: “Life is filled with twisting: yes/no, right/wrong, good/bad, healthy/sick, alive/dead. All my life I am using the twist (butterfly) to create breathtaking (short) beauty.

Twist (butterfly) for watching time and having music (notice the electr.packs in the armlet)

On the edges of my twistwatch “Follow your sun”:

Front-edge: up left your day starts 06.00….under right 18.00……Back-edge: under left 18.00…..up right 06.00 (next day)…… black:  time past…  time to come. On the photo the time is about 11.45.

Avant-garde in music/mode/business. Also in “dress-over” wear (armpiece)….and as a bow-tie (chippendale-like/nightclubs) in different luminous colors

Follow the sun, back to nature with “about-time”. Live to see that we are children of the sun. The one wearing this piece has somebody to watch over for telling the exact moment of time(no doubt)…and as the one is in view because of his different choices in life……”they” are happy to wait.  There are possibilities for personal choices in materials/colors, and that butterfly will make your appearance, sure. Feel it in your belly!


15 thoughts on “Twist Butterfly Watch Design

  1. That’s an interesting concept. It uses a simple effect (the twist) to create an unusual look (looks like an hour glass!) and to offer a new display area (the border of the straps!).

    The time reading is a little difficult. The front edge is perfect to be divided into 12 parts. The back edge isn’t perfect, you need to turn the arm twice to read it, and that only, when there is some distance between the arm and the watch. Not perfect, but it has big potential. Well buttons, energy, how to close the straps and some helping indicators would be nice, but actually what you showed us is enough to imagine 🙂 Some changes (more of less) have to be done to all of the concepts here. The base idea is cool. I also like your background inspiration (yes/no,…).

    It’s great you built your idea for real! Respect!


    • Hai Samukun, the thickness of the led-edges will make it possible to follow them…..and as the edges are global indicators, the exact-time comes out of the speakers (mp3-function): one-one-four-five (good for bad sight-function).
      The different possibilities of using (arm/over-wear/bow-tie) will make different results.
      …….and I did no sniff, today.


  2. Good drugs-good concepts :). Unreal dimensions, unreal stuffs, unreal shapes. Great. We must to understand only one thing- you are crazy or you are genius! the only thing that is worth the applause is that this concept is hand-made! Super!


      • Hey, Jan! Perhaps we ever meet in an other reality, on you mountain and will discuss the question of what the whole world of illusion.


  3. Hi Jan,

    Can i ask you to make me one ?
    It is big and grazy to see !
    Just like me !

    Keep up your work, it´s great


  4. Kudos to you for making a real model! But the case is too big for me. It is like 2cm and too clunky. On the other hand it looks pretty elegant. The twist is a nice idea. Many things have to be done here.


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