Buzzing LED Watch Concept

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Kisai Wasp, an orange and black concept LED watch design that shows the time quite cleverly in 4 units, represented in 4 columns.Digits 1 and 2 are shown in the first column, digits 1-0 in the second column, digits 10-50 in the third column and digits 1-9 in the fourth column. Simple.

The operation button is positioned at the front of the watch and orange segments are featured in the strap adding additional color.

14 thoughts on “Buzzing LED Watch Concept

  1. damn it Laslo, you did it again.

    Excellent ideea, it looks very cool with this colours combination !!!!


  2. Lazlo, your designs are all good but … i think now is time to change the style of the dispaly … All displays have the same rectangular led style …
    I think you can innovate 🙂


  3. I do agree with Genzanrider. I’m pretty sure some of your rectangle led watches get made, but not too much because they all look alike. They are all very cool of course, but when there are 20 watches wich look alike, they are not special anymore. But that is the strength of a tokyoflash watch.

    Orange is a hot color, very nice laszlo. The hexagon box is damn cool too.


  4. hexagon box = sweet design. why didn’t the watch face also get one of these, or use the hex shape for a hive-like design? seems thematically appropriate. the rectilinear face seems out of place, and could really go onto any other watch.

    like the idea, but think it should get a little bit more attention in the concept area to really flesh it out. once it all comes together, i would buy this in a heartbeat!


  5. I like the colors. I don’t like how 10 o’clock is shown by 10 blocks for the second hour digit. For example: 10 o’clock is shown as 1 + 10. There should not be any bars showing for the second hours digit if that digit is a 0. At 10:28 the watch should show: 1 (nothing) 2 8 to represent the time.


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