Day Watcher Calendar Watch Design

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: “I brainstormed to come out with several watch concepts for Tokyoflash design challenge and this is one of them.  The concept is called “DAY WATCHER” and has a calendar like design, for those who appreciate time. This watch design will help them monitor a day fulfilled.

Reading the time is simple and intuitive. Each half D has 12 lines. 1 line = 1 hour, starts  with 12. Each half A has 5 lines. 1 line = 10 minutes, starts with +10. Each half Y has 9 lines. 1 line = 1 minutes, starts with +1. Read lower and upper half DAY separately.

Geeks, psychologist, professional executives, students, artists, fashion advocates, or just anyones who appreciate time but want to see it in unique way would love this watch design.

Typical mechanical watches just spin, digital watch just displays digits, Tokyoflash geeky watches tell time differently. This design is not just a plain geeky unique way to tell time, but has psychological effect to how we spend our day, because it’s a very first DAY WATCHER!

10 thoughts on “Day Watcher Calendar Watch Design

  1. Hi, welcome to the blog! Interesting and fresh concept! I like the idea of the filling display. A double 12-5-9 watch… I think the “DAY” could be seen controversially. It’s ok for me. This am/pm sytem would also work on more geometric or abstract shapes – many variations possible. That’s a good point. In germany the word would be “TAG”. If you could change the LED cover…wow that would be awesome… Hm in french it is “JOUR”… eh… Nevermind 😉 Nice watch, good base topic, well thought through.


    • Thanks Sam, actually I’ve been sneaking into this blog for long time, but now its time to put my idea here as u and the others do!


  2. I love the concept, filling up AM and PM is something I haven’t seen before. I’m not a fan of the word either but the scope to have different designs is endless! Perhaps a sunrise/sun/moon scene? Or more confusingly a fixed time, 8:03?


  3. Oh yeah, a changeable shape would be nice. The idea of this watch is very nice, the result is soso. This design has a big potential do develop. You should think about alternative firdaus, it is worth the work. Good work though!


  4. Really nice idea! Keep this word (“DAY”) and maybe Tokyoflash could propose many more words, drawings, even kanjis…


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