“Kumo no Su” LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

A vivid concept from Laszlo that uses LEDs to display the time in a very clear manner. Large blocks of light are divided by a web of lines that meet in the centre, each block indicates a unit of time and each colour indicates an element of time.

Blocks on the outside show hours 1-12 in the same position as numbers on a clock, the inner ring of blocks show groups of five minutes 5-55 and the four segments beneath 12 o’clock show single minutes 1-4. Straightforward to read, Kumo no Su stands out with its black case and strap combined with the bright LED colours chosen.

Let Laszlo know what you think about his work. What colour would you like to see? How about the packaging design? If you’d like to see this concept become reality, vote below.

9 thoughts on ““Kumo no Su” LED Watch Design

  1. tell me when it will be available for purchase, because it’s perfect, and the package box is very very cool, aboit the colour orange is ok, but how about purple??


  2. Again produced a beautiful watch, the packaging is fantastic, as always. I look forward to the Tokyflash produce some of them, because almost all of them perfect.


  3. Very readable. I prefer the orange and black color combination. As for the packaging, I would rather the box have a matte finish.


  4. :OO mondom én hogy állat vagy 😀 ki mi hol merre vagy?miért nem ismerem a neved itthon?Van valami boltod itthon amiben olyan dolgokat lehet kapni amiket te gyártasz?kéne..egy vevőd mindenképp van 😀 csinálj bútort vagy bármit..


  5. Hey Master!

    I don’t have any idea how you do it, but your designs are getting better and better.
    You seem to never run out of ideas and the audacity in your work is clearly visible.
    All of your watches have given a new meaning to the word “watch” and this one is no exception.
    All I can say is: Congratulations!
    Kumo No Su is one of my favorites: the case looks awesome, the colors are harmonizing and it’s really easy to read the display.
    I want one of these, NOW!


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