Rolling Out Concept LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Genghis from France.

Genghis says: “I wanted to design a watch with a good animation for the display so I decided to split the display in the center with two rounded parts in order to give the impression that the display is rolled out from the center of the watch.You just have to press one of the button on the right side and the animation will start. It is a 12-11-4 style time display by LEDs. I think it is more suited to men and I tried to maintain the classic Tokyoflash style by using metal case and strap.

In my opinion, the animation and the rounded parts stands out from others designs.”

9 thoughts on “Rolling Out Concept LED Watch Design

  1. OH, it took ages for me to figure this one out! Could you pls stop messing with my mind and correct the green one! (Should say 6:37) :pPpPp


  2. Yes. When you can correct the designer, you understand the watch sufficiently. This watch looks so elegant, I would take the red version or even one with white lights.


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