“Trillusion” Concept Watch

Design submitted by Kristian from Sweden.

This watch design was inspired by the Optical Illusion watch from our Tokyoflash Design Studio.  Kristian calls it the “Trillusion Concept Watch”.

It is a digital illusion watch with numbers built up from triangles.  It has a printed plastic case, printed vinyl band, and black & white OLED screen.  Can you see the time on the watch?  It’s 13:52!

8 thoughts on ““Trillusion” Concept Watch

  1. Design is just awful. Once you get past the gimmick of the optical illusion, you are left with a horrible looking and impractical watch that I’m not even sure could be workably produced anyway.


  2. Its look is classic, but the idea of the facets, was being built in my head, with some differences, now I can throw it, ah ah ah
    So a YES


  3. Wow nice optical effect – I like it. Cool: pattern goes over all the watch. The straps minimum width could be bigger for me. Case shape (geometrical simplicity, gradiation into narrower strap) is cool. I wonder how the optical fun works, since I play around with such things too 😉 Good work!


  4. Beside the style which not really fit mine, I really am impressed by this watch!
    Great job? How does it works? Just a contrast effect?


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