Square it! – LED Watch Design

Design submitted by David from UK.

Looking for alternatives to the Twelve 5-9 format, David wanted a system that was simple to read if you know the code, but of course difficult if you don’t.

Time is read by reading the 4 rows from top to bottom, the first 2 are hours and the second 2 are minutes.  You square vertical lines so I = 1, II = 4, III = 9.  means -1 and / means +1.  So, \III should equal to 7 and II// equals to 6.

This watch design should appeal to people who like codes or math.  It is a unique way of displaying the time and with practice it’s very easy.

11 thoughts on “Square it! – LED Watch Design

  1. 2,4,9 +-1 or 2. Wow that’s clever. Takes a bit calculating but yes, after some time it is easy. I wonder, if you can read such displays after one year just by looking at it, without calculating, because you get used to the little images. That would be cool to impress friends 🙂 I think this is a more clever display than the predator ones we have in the blog. I looks alien but is is easier. My opinion. Good watch David!

    I I/ II/ II


    • Thanks for the comments. With a little practice you can read it very quickly. It also works with an inverted triangle slotted in between the slashes \ // instead of the 3 verticle lines. One side lit =1, 2 sides lit = 4 and 3 sides lit =9.


      • “With a little practice you can read it very quickly”.

        This is one of the reasons I love TokyoFlash. Nice job on this design.

        uh, 11:27 looks like it’s giving you the finger.


  2. very interesting design. I like it, but it seems a little bit complicated to read the time. i like the case and the strap, looking as a whole concept.


  3. really dig the design: red display on black body – always a winner. 🙂
    time telling mechanic is easy enough to grasp. probably a bit counterintuitive the first few days, but will become routine after that, i could imagin. definitely going onto my “would buy” list.


  4. A nice watch design – My only concern is the use of a fourth “row” for hours 11-12. Why not just “III//” for 11? How about the outer most slash is -2/+2, the inner most slash is -1/+1? That way, you can keep the entire time in 3 rows without the extraneous need for a fourth row? Other then that, a nice watch.


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