Positive + Negative – Concept LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

“Positive/Negative. Light and Dark. Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full?” The theme of Laszlo’s latest concept is clear when you look at the two adjacent screens on the interface of this design. The time display is not dissimilar to that of the Pimp range of watches from Tokyoflash Japan.

The left column show the hours (bottom-up: 0-12, top-down: 12-24) and the right column show the minutes (1 min=1 LED). An added feature on this design is that when the time is not shown, the sixtieth led is flashes once every second.

The case and strap have a retro-industrial vibe and the concept is laid out with a black version and a silver version. Let us know your thoughts on this concept.

13 thoughts on “Positive + Negative – Concept LED Watch Design

  1. Reminds me of the PIMP watch. But this one has a nicer display. Quick check, lol. No numbers, no analog watch hands, just leds… about 95% of those watches take more time to check. That’s tokyoflash. Case and straps are not my favorites, but I support the display 😛


  2. I don’t like the 24hr aspect of it, I would rather it just start again from the bottom. Aside from that, I love this design, very simple and very easy to read the time at a glance 🙂


  3. well, i do like simple time telling mechanics, but this is a bit underwhelming.
    on the other hand, the blocky, big design of the watch body makes this an interesting piece, nevertheless.


  4. Great Laszlo! I love it and would buy it for sure!
    It has this in between Pimp and Denshoku style with a disco touch!!
    Very good!


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