Time Zone LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

This watch concept came from dials in a car or aircraft.  Anders started thinking of air travel, crossing time zones then he came up with the idea of a time zone quick-adjust, a wheel on the watch which can be spun to quickly change the time plus or minus 12 hours.

Hours on the left, minutes to the right.  The hour hand moves down during 00-12, then back up.  The minute hand moves similarly, down for 30 minutes, then up.  Current hour and minutes are highlighted and central ‘bridge’ screens show date and time-adjusted factor.

The selling points of this watch are the time zone adjustment function and it’s classic design but with a twist.

16 thoughts on “Time Zone LED Watch Design

  1. This is awesome, kudos to you Anders! You’ve obviously put a lot of time, thought and effort into this watch design.

    The time display is really different and unlike anything i’ve seen here yet. The arm over the face of the watch is also brilliant, perfect for reading the time at a glance.

    The time zone adjustment wheel is also a genius idea and fits the theme of the display nicely.

    The only aspect of this design I don’t like is the strap. It’s a little bit too much. It looks like a spine and the green colour is just not my taste. I would love to see this with a black strap that is a little bit more conventional.


    • Thanks! It’s amazing what you can come up with, using a pencil and a piece of paper…=)

      Straps are interesting; metal or leather, whichever you choose, people seem to want the other option…=)
      I was going for a fairly classic metal link strap, but the angle of the links seems to give it a slightly ‘spiky’ appearance…


      • Yes, it’s hard to please everyone. I think it’s beautiful but I couldn’t see myself wearing it with such an unusual strap. Not sure what other people think.


      • Nice to know that soem like it, but judging from the rating and the other comments it seems most people agree with you…=)


  2. Wow how cool. It has a retro charme and an elegance wich is rare these days. The green looks unusual but not too strange. The aitplane-ish display looks nice. It looks like made for frequent fliers.

    But rethink the straps. They are too detailed and look too blingy. Nice ornamented leather straps would fit I think. Of just make then in one piece instead of those many compartiments. Just my taste though 🙂

    Well it is a fusion of oldschool pilot accessory and jewelry wich might find it’s fans.


    • Thanks, ‘frequent flyer’ was actually one of the names I thought about giving it…=)

      There are as many opinons on straps as there are posters, it seems…=) I suppose you can’t please everyone…=7 Although you’ve made it mighty close with your design…

      Jewelry, I don’t know… I was going for a classic, ‘aviation-esque’ look but with a modern twist…


  3. Green is a hard sell. Tried before with little success, it’s one of those colors that only a few really love. For me the design is really well done. For a man it would have to be black or Silver to sell well, and the strap and case beefed up a bit. The Date Timezone and month is beautifully laid out! I love the metal strip running across the face. I think the rating is a bit low due to people not liking the green, (easily changed) and a bit thin so looks more for ladies. Also think non Tokyoflash watch lovers would also go for this design, which are not viewing this site anyways. I personally like this design a lot.


    • Yes, the green doesn’t seem to have been the best choice…=) I wanted to use a colour I hadn’t used in any of my other designs, and I went with green since I both liked the green on black display and since head-up-displays in aircraft are green (probably because the human eye is most sensitive to that colour).

      I’m glad you like it! =)


  4. This strap for ladies and thicker strap for men.I’d love to see this design too in electric blue and fiery red.Superb design overall…excellent!!!


  5. wow! I really like the way the center lines goes through the whole watch and bracelet! And with some LEDs digits on it!
    Very nice watch design Anders


  6. Besides the reptilian straps this watch is cool. A stylish combination of digital and analog display as well as of classic and modern. I don’t think it would fit in the tokyo flash watch series. But someone has to make this watch!


  7. Being a redhead- I like the green. I would buy this in a second. Mr.Redhead would also like it in a neutral black or silver…Another beautiful design, Anders.


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