Steampunk "Roboard" watch design

Design submitted by Maciej Mandrysz.

This watch design is inspired by postapocalyptic games, and robotic board. With a metal case and a leather strap, the time is displayed using green LEDs which appear to shine through the metal lens. Hours are shown in the upper right part of the display with circles, rings and lines. Groups of ten minutes 10-50 are shown with bars in the upper left part of the display. Single minutes 1-9 are shown along the bottom in digits.

Maciej Mandryszさんの作品。


6 thoughts on “Steampunk "Roboard" watch design

  1. I think the display is very intriguing, but don’t really like the case or strap so much. Would like to see more interesting case and strap to match the cool face.


  2. I agree with Tokyo Pimp, it is verty interesting, intriguing. It will be difficult to lear the position for hours. I like the leather strap, but I think is rtoo big. I will like to make it the case larger, maybe in octogonal shape, and the leather strap a little smaller.


  3. This is quite something! I agree with Gabriel BB on this one – it’s a bit of a nightmare to decipher the hour because they seem to be arranged illogically. What’s the red button for? Is that to display the time or does it have another function? Very nice effort nonetheless.


  4. This is an original watch face and would look very futuristic. However I have to agree with the others about the hours. They are too random looking and would take real human memory to remember them correctly. The leather strap could be fine, but if produced, there could be a metal and leather strap option.


  5. Nice idea! With the right materials it would be buyworthy. If you would have made it look used, it would fit the image you want to represent: postapocalyptic technology. There you have modern technology but it is all rusty and used and broken. Just like stone washed jeans. It looks used but it is new. And people ask “why would I buy used jeanes?” Well, because it looks cool.

    The red button looks like an emergency button wich is good. The display looks like a tracking device or something, also cool. It’s a bit to artistic instead of technically efficient. I wouldn’t buy it, but I can imagine it to be sellable 😉


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