Orbit watch takes your mind for a spin

A metal bracelet style concept that displays the time in a cryptic language. Can you translate? Hours are shown with small lit up shapes at the top and bottom of the interface moving in the same direction as hours on a clock. You can see the outline of the shapes as a reference points. Minutes are displayed digitally in the center. The digital tube LEDs are hidden within the layout of shapes which are just visible beneath the long, curved smoked lens.


12 thoughts on “Orbit watch takes your mind for a spin

  1. Seamless design with a very modern look. Easy to tell the time as well! Don’t listen to what anyone else says about the other designs, this one is a must make.

    If you don’t make it I will never buy another watch from you guys 😉 And I bought 6 so far!

    Tokyo Pimp


  2. I love the concept. I like the colour, and the colour of the digits.

    It is easy to tell the time indeed. And it is very cool ! The entire concept, the material, the colour, the leds.

    Excellent again !!!


  3. i like this one, not quite as much as high definition, but then again i can’t think of anything that i would change on this one.

    that said, and because i can’t say it on some of the earlier posts where comments are closed, i’ll say it here 🙂

    if the following watches were put into production (nudge nudge ;P), i would buy them all tomorrow: orbit, high definition, echo, robot, sensha, usb memory watch, time capsule, neon encapsulated and zonal.


  4. One of your most intriguing designs yet, I just love it, but what about the possibility of making the colors of the hours and minutes in different colors? Like green and blue, and other combos.


  5. I’ve been looking around for a watch whose design was simple yet still eccentric to catch peoples’ attentions.

    Of course, I came across several ones from other companies and makers, but I’ve been checking out TokyoFlash watches for some time now.

    This watch, from the above description and images, satisfies my tastes – to combine a seamless, sleek design with a unique method of reading the time.

    I would really like this to be my first TokyoFlash watch.


  6. Wow very stylish. I like the alien look of the indicators. I also like the seamless geometry. It looks a bit too bracelett-ish and therefore to feminin to me. But… ehm… its so cool, I would buy it!


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