Lock-Up watch design keeps time safe from prying eyes

Black and silver combine to give this design a minimalist metallic look. When the button is pushed to initiate the time display, red LEDs appear through three windows in the face showing hours, groups of five minutes and single minutes 1-4.

Very simple to tell the time & yet a mystery to those who don’t know how. Its a minimal watch design, somewhat reminiscent of a safe tumbler, hence the Lock-up name tag. Its a watch design that caters to people who appreciate the simpler days of 70’s LED, but with some modern styling. Can an LED watch ever be understated?


5 thoughts on “Lock-Up watch design keeps time safe from prying eyes

  1. Yeah, a new concept ! and this one looks great also.

    I find it very tricky, because of the location of the leds. Maybe could be confuzing to others, but it is pretty simple to understand it.

    maybe it will look more interesting with something on the center of the case. Maybe a buiohazard sign, or something. Maybe another leds with other function like termomether, or direction of the north.

    The concept is smooth enought to catch the attention of your buddies. At least 😀


  2. I’m a big Tokyoflash fan, and this display is a bit too easy for me. I do like the simple shape and the bezel effect on the case. Would love to see a different LED colour on here though. What does everyone else think?


  3. I quite like the case and strap although it is not the best design I have seen. The LED clusters are easy to read, which is good, but the downside overall is that the watch lacks ‘wow’ factor (no offence intended).


  4. The design reminds me of the first LED watches. The simplicity is comfortable 🙂 Maybe another ring of LEDs for the date would be nice, then the case wouldn’t look so empty. I wouldn’t buy it for taste reasons, but it is a solid product.


  5. I would prefer that all the light be the same size but it’s nice that the 3 windows are the same size. Or perhap, divide the 1st & 2nd single minute position for the 4 single minute and use the 3rd light for the am/pm function & the 4th for the date function. I like the fact that the hour start at the 12 o’clock position even if it’s making the 5 minutes group harder to read ( maybe don’t write the number upside down ). I like the style of the buttons, the way the wristband connect to the watch, the color combination & the fact that the side of the watch ( where the # are ) is at a – 45 / + 225 degree angle and not at a flat angle. Another sugestion would be to have 1 light on in each window instead of 1 off, except for the am/pm/date function. I would consider buying that watch.


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