Time Line

An e-paper design with a linear time display; the progression of hours and minutes are shown by markers moving down the line and around the side of your wrist, the points on the scale indicating units of time.

The date is shown in a similar way on the left side of the display and this concept will also notify you of messages, emails and calls to your cell phone via Bluetooth to the e-paper interface as well as with a vibration alert.

This design would be USB rechargeable with a leather wrist band.

11 thoughts on “Time Line

  1. It looks nice. It took me FOREVER to understand, but its pretty cool once you get it.

    I really like how the face itself is off center (at least that’s what it looks like). Its interesting. Would the face itself be bendy? Like, if you undid the strap, could you lay the watch out flat (ignoring the little box underneath the face itself)? Or would it be sturdier? Just curious.

    Some concerns: The leather of the wrist band looks TERRIBLE next to the futuristic watch face in the pictures. PLEASE try out different straps! Also, wouldn’t “ghosting” be a problem? Especially with the day and month markers? And what about the black part of the watch with the white lines? Does that part really have to be e-paper?


  2. I worked out how to read this quite quickly, it’s like a scale, quite easy really. I wonder if some other readings could be fitted into the display with bluetooth, like a temperature gauge – give it a bit more functionality.


  3. No seriously… Make this watch tomorrow. My cash is ready. Truly though, what are the odds of one of these happening? I want one. Just don’t wuss out and drop Bluetooth call notify. I’ve always wanted that in a watch and I know people would find it amazingly useful once they tried it.


  4. Interesting display. Very minimalistic yet would be very easy to read at a quick glance.

    I don’t really care for the glossy leather strap though. Somehow, it seems to cheapen the look.

    I think the materials used in the E-Clock watch or the Binary Flow watch would make this a really sharp looking watch.

    Also, I think the scale marks on the months and hours are a little wrong. I would have expected the longest scale line to be 6, not 7. I’m also not sure if the left-most scale mark for hours is 12 (or 0) or 1.

    You should also consider making every 15-minute scale mark a little longer, and the 30-minute and 60-minute scale marks longer than the 15-minute scale marks so it makes it really easy to figure out at a glance.

    Another interesting thought… is there a way to incorporate compass electronics into this watch? The linear line segments would work very well to display a compass… Put the watch into compass mode, hold your arm up vertically so the watch display is horizontal, and as you turn, the North indicator changes position to indicate where north is from where you’re facing. The longest line in the center of the hours scale is straight ahead (0-degrees, and the longest line at the end of the scale would be behind you (180-degrees).


  5. As ever, incomprehensible and totally radical. I’d learn to use it if I bought it and I soooooo much want it. Yet another classic piece of modern design from Tokyoflash! I will say that the mock up doesn’t look as well crafted as usual designs but I’m sure by manufacture the look would be perfect. Spot on!


  6. That is a beautiful thing right there… *drool*

    I agree that the whole thing wouldnt have to be e-paper… seems a little excessive, although, for continuity(sp?) sake…


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