Roman numerals watch with bold graphical style.

Design submitted by Talgat from Kyrgyzstan.

Talgat says: I wanted to create hours with the Roman figures, to connect it modern design. that is two times (past and future)

The Roman figures all very simply they are a little bit modernized and on one party is located a scale of minutes

For young people. For those who to love style and quality

Main thing chitabelnost. The person won’t reduce the line and to guess what time is it now. These hours practicality and beauty. Here and my COUNTER!

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Roman numerals watch with bold graphical style., 3.8 out of 5 based on 92 ratings

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15 Responses to “Roman numerals watch with bold graphical style.”

  1. avatar Krautesh Vakir says:

    I think my only gripe with this cool idea is that the minutes appear to only go in 5 minute increments. If that is the case I would have an extra bit added for the extra 4 minutes in between to make an accurate time reading. Other than that awesome work :)

  2. avatar Anders S says:

    Apart from the minute issue mentioned above, I really like the look of this! It’s definately the best roman numeral-based design I’ve seen here yet (as far as I can remember, which might not be that far…=)
    The very graphical style is right up my street. Well done! =)

  3. avatar Samukun says:

    Oh yeah! I agree with the minutes but first thing that jumps in the eye is the cool look! I like roman numerals and these ones look great! The 8 should completely fit on the sceen. You can use IIX instead of VIII, that was allowed. I really like the big shapes combined with the little scale with the little numbers. Very nice to look at. I’d buy it. 5*/YES/Good luck!

  4. avatar Patrick says:

    5 * / Yes.

  5. avatar mushy says:

    I really like this cute ‘ruler and pencil’ design! Good job Talgat. :) I was a bit gutted at first cos I have a couple of Roman numeral designs waiting in the wings. Fortunately they’re very different from this one. Good luck with it!

  6. avatar Talgat says:

    Thanks for comments! I will consider

  7. avatar Leonard Lee Kah Khiong says:

    This design is awasome! I like it very much! The simplicity yet modern, my favourite! Any various in colors? 5 stars!

  8. avatar Kara Kyrgyz says:

    Talgat, good job!!! YES….good luck!

  9. avatar JWL says:

    I love just about everything about this watch. The Roman numerals, the scale design for the minutes, it’s all glorious. Having something for the exact minute would be nice, but not required. Fived, and a buy from me.

  10. avatar Heather says:

    i like the roman numeral hours a lot, and the scale for minutes is also awesome – it’s very clean looking.. i agree with several others, though, that you need to show exact minutes somehow. 5*

  11. avatar dzign555 says:

    Great one! I was thinking along the lines of Roman numerals, too. Anyway, your idea is better than mine. 5*

  12. avatar Pete says:

    Nice take on the roman numerals topic, very stylish and clever Talgat! Congrats 5/Y :D

  13. avatar Firdaus says:

    No, comment, shut up and take my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. avatar Makkovik says:

    It’s a very stylish one. However, I would prefer that the minute line go up, not down, and something to get a more pecise time. ( maybe 4 dots between 2 lines )