A Watch Design Where the Time is Watching You

Design submitted by Andy from the Ukraine.

Andy says: “I decided to design a watch based on “eyes” and I made an wrist watch design in the shape of designer toy! One eye used for hours and one eye is used for minutes.

This watch design would be ideal for people who likes designer toys, unusual design, people who are “young at heart” and like bright colourful style.”

This is a simple, colourful design! Andy doesn’t explain about the technology used in this design but you would imagine it to be two analog dials, one for each eye to show hours and minutes. The case and strap appear to be molded plastic. Do you like this design and if so, why? If you don’t like it, how would you improve it?


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A Watch Design Where the Time is Watching You, 4.2 out of 5 based on 106 ratings

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41 Responses to “A Watch Design Where the Time is Watching You”

  1. avatar Ranjan says:

    Nice funky watch … colors glamorize the watch … good one Andy …

  2. avatar TheFancyWalrus says:

    I like where this is headed! It looks like a ninja, maybe make a black one too? I also like the simple wrist band without clasps or anything complicated. Very nice!

  3. avatar Firdaus public says:

    Nice design. She can be a good friend to my Smile V1 and Gothic Eye Goo…. also Laszlo’s Roboface. But this can be ninja girl, or contemporary muslim girl. They are cute and look good though ><

  4. avatar Heather says:

    incredibly adorable. 5*. it seems more suitable as a kid’s watch. it has a marvin the martian feel. i love it, but as an adult, i wouldn’t wear it.

  5. avatar Andy says:

    Thanks, Firdaus!

  6. avatar Tim says:

    Quite enjoy this design. Makes me smile. :)

  7. avatar glen1n says:

    like it. cool funky design.

  8. avatar Laszlo says:

    It’s funny!

  9. avatar Pete says:

    Fun cute design with a nice simple time tellng method, not nessasarily my cup of tea but I could imagine this kind of thing selling well. 5/Y best of luck!

  10. avatar Andy says:

    Thanks, Pete!

    Good luck you too

  11. avatar logan says:

    I would like this design more as a desk clock than as a watch. Something fun and cheerful for the home or office, but perhaps less practical to wear all day. Good interpretation of the theme of “eyes.”

  12. avatar Andy Kurovets says:

    Thanks for you comment, Logan! Maybe you are true, but as for me it’s better like a wrist watch

  13. avatar Toby says:

    That’s awesome dude, keep up the good work :)

  14. avatar Alex says:

    i am really love this design and more interested in selling this in China.
    how can i contact with you? andy!

    thanks for your reply.

  15. avatar Samukun says:

    I’m definitely not the target group for this watch, but I see the iconographic expression that could be pretty viral online. Interesting, how nobody wants the exact time suddenly ;) It’s really about fun here. First, they reminded me of imperial guards from Star Wars. I think “designer toy” is a good term for this concept. Well Andy, good luck!!

  16. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Andy, I always enjoy your projects, because they are fun and original and it is one of them.
    5 * / Yes of course!

  17. avatar SextonJuliette says:

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  18. avatar adam says:

    this is a perfect gift watch, i would suggest different faces, maybe some dogs or different animals,.
    but keep the eyes all googly that the main selling point for me

  19. avatar Tim says:

    Really nice design and very innovative. Are you planning on putting it into production? I’m sure a lot of people of all ages would buy them here in the UK.

  20. avatar Dan says:

    This is just beyond awesome. When is it available? I would definitely buy a pair

    • avatar Andy says:

      Thanks,Dan! I don’t now when it will be available

      • avatar kath says:

        will it eventually come out? I would be the first one to order one online. (If they sell it online) Do you know when I will be able to buy it online?

  21. avatar Myron says:

    As a fellow Ukrainian this is amazing
    Make it a thing!

  22. avatar shida says:

    its cool andy! i would definitely buy it! :)

  23. avatar Dora says:

    i love them. is there a way to order online?

  24. avatar Jazuki says:

    Oh wow! I really want to buy this one!
    not just for myself, but for a friend of my two!
    this really is some awesome work!

  25. avatar Claire says:

    I seriously LOVE this :D
    I would love to buy one.
    But unfortunately, i have very tiny wrists v_v Is there any way there can be an adjustable wrist band?

  26. avatar kath says:

    Do you know when this watch will come out so I can buy some online? it is one of the best things I have ever seen