Shadows LCD watch lifts time out of the shade.

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

Lloyd says: This concept watch design is called “Shadows” and is based on a puzzle idea I had some years ago. The display may look cryptic at first, but is actually very easy to read once you know the trick behind it.

Shadows has both a time and date mode. Each strange looking figure in the display is a digit shown with its shadow in the same colour. There is an explanatory diagram below.

This watch is USB rechargeable via a computer and the strap is made from a man-made material that is animal friendly. The watch comes with a choice of several different coloured straps and the display is available in different colours too.

I feel this design would appeal to puzzle, game and sci-fi lovers in particular. It would also suit geeks and anyone who likes quirky modern things, creativity, lateral thinking and thinking “outside the box”.

This design stands out because of its unique and original cryptic display which is also modern-looking and very simple to read.

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Shadows LCD watch lifts time out of the shade., 4.0 out of 5 based on 78 ratings

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28 Responses to “Shadows LCD watch lifts time out of the shade.”

  1. avatar Samukun says:

    Oh very cool!! I like this idea – making strange new symbols with the well known numbers. Cool that the little windows aren’t rectangular and adapt to the symbols. The case and these “friends” for the straps are simple and nice. Cryptic at first, easy to read actually and a cool expression. 5*/YEPP

  2. avatar Pete says:

    This is my new favorit of Lloyd’s designs. Loving the framing of the numbers and their shadows. keep up the good work and best of luck! 5* and Yes Sir! :D

  3. avatar Heather says:

    I like it, Lloyd – very nice!! I agree with everything Sam and Pete said above. ^^ :D

  4. avatar Gordon says:

    this works great, i love it 5*

  5. avatar Ryan says:

    Not bad. Is there a notifier for date vs. time? Other than that, it’s pretty neat.

    • avatar mushy says:

      Thanx a lot Ryan. :) If Tokyoflash were to make this watch, I’m sure they would take care of things like that. :o ) Don’t forget, this is just a concept.

  6. avatar Lynn Messick says:

    So colorful and intriguing. I think my adult grandsons would have fun wearing this!

  7. avatar Dianekmt says:

    I really, really love it. At first glance it looks exceedingly cryptic, but it is actually VERY easy to decipher the time. I would buy a purple one for sure. It would be great to have the option of having both a plain and a multi-coloured band, so the fashion conscious could switch them. This is also a good ‘gender neutral’ design. If I had the option, I would give this one a six!



  8. avatar Cory says:

    Crypticool! Black w/ red LED for me, pls! yessir, and five.

  9. avatar Patrick says:

    I love reading windows and I would have pushed the idea to make the the watchcase the same form (“1″ reversed), but these are just my ideas weird …
    5 * and Yes for the novelty!

  10. avatar Bertrand says:

    Au début, on a eu un peu de mal à comprendre le mode d’affichage mais une fois que le cerveau a assimilé le fonctionnement, tout devient clair.
    C’est une montre géniale pour dérouter son entourage et se faire plaisir.

  11. avatar soccerlvr says:

    This design is so cool. I was able to read the time right away but in a unique way. I like the variety of straps and colored numbers. 5*/yess

  12. avatar Richard Dickerson says:

    Really cool idea, does it have any other functions?

  13. avatar mushy says:

    Thanx a lot Richard! No other functions. Just time and date. If TF were to make it, they would probably add some others like alarm etc.

  14. avatar butterfly says:

    I would by it for some of the younger computer nerds on my christmas list.