(English) Denshino Analog watch inspired by Japanese ‘の’

(English) Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: How can you tell a product is a Japanese? I’m interested to a kanji character that is unique to Japanese and should describe Japanese sense to a product, I mean you always see it in most Japanese writing – “の” (pronounced “no”).

I want to design an always visible unique analog watch that is Japanese inspired. The watch should be visually unique without require user to press a button (except for switching on the back-light). Half and reverse analog time; should have a great artistic fusion with this shape “の”. (refer picture for further explanation).

This watch design is dedicated to everyone who attracted to fashion and Japanese stuff.

Call it Denshino – it has the element of Japan, electronic, cryptic, abstract and fun! Denshino watch design can be made available in stainless steel case and strap and even appealing in various form of acetate material.

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35 Responses to “(English) Denshino Analog watch inspired by Japanese ‘の’”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Love this Firdaus – well done. Beautiful & clever.

    • avatar Firdaus public より:

      Thank you Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio for posting this design. It’s an analog discs/dials based watch with backlight (just like Uzumaki) instead of LCD I believe.


      Firdaus the herbalist
      Firdaus public
      Firdaus here and there

      • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

        oh yes, I have tagged it incorrectly, sorry. I noticed ‘EL backlight’ & assumed LCD. I will update that.

        • avatar Firdaus public より:

          Thank you Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio, however, I think the title should be corrected too, can be misleading since it’s an analog design.

  2. avatar Ranjan より:

    Firdaus … its really a great time maze … nicely puzzled the time … design is originated as “NO” … however … we all say “YES” … its like you target beyond imagination …

    • avatar Firdaus public より:

      Thank you very much Ranjan, I really appreciate your feedback. No in Japanese means Of, inm ;-)

      • avatar Ranjan より:

        I am sorry … I don’t know Japanese … please apologize for that … Intention is to appreciate the design … Its really good one … right from heart …

        • avatar Firdaus より:

          The avatar might look like no entry, no parking, no smoking logo, and the character (of / の) pronounced “no”… so nothing hurt here ;-) I don’t speak Japanese myself, but not at ignorant level since I read, watch, listen to Japanese stuff…. Oh I listen to some tamil/hindi stuff too, but that’s another topic… I understood of your message so no prob, just thank you and appreciate that ;-)

  3. avatar makino より:

    Pure genius. I like every bits and pieces of this timepiece…Super Awesome. My fav Saturn B. If this get made i hope i will not be too big or bulky… ;p

  4. avatar Mindwatches より:

    It’s great, I want the white now!

  5. avatar Pete より:

    This is very interesting, the time telling must be unique, I’ve never seen anythng like it. The visual is very striking and you could even do a ghost busters version as the “の” looks a little like the logo of the film (minus “Slimer” of course) best of luck! 5*/Yes

    • avatar Firdaus public より:

      Ghost buster, thought so, better theme to attract westerners perhaps. Thank you for the feedback Pete.

  6. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Firdaus,
    I’m not Japanese, nor really the country where I live, I am citizen of the world and I like this watch!
    It will take me a little time learning to tell time, but that is the purpose of this type of watch.
    5 * / Yes, what else?

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      Hi Patrick, I’m not Japanese myself ;-)
      Thank you for support. What else??? PM me and we might discuss on something ;-)

      • avatar Patrick より:

        “what else” is the result of an advertisement that is broadcast in France right now. George Clooney said, “what else” because he does not see anything better.
        So, apart from watch Firdaus, what is best? (if by chance the translation is not good, this message is a compliment!)

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      あなたの投票のおかげで SのM ;-)

      • avatar Samukun より:


        I like the base idea and the の image although it’s not seen the most of the time. The half display looks fresh, dynamic and eye-catching. The time telling looks cryptic but is super simple and actually easy to make – perfect! I like all the unicolor displays with black cases but the other variants looks nice too. Many possibilities :D Good luck with this one!

  7. avatar Ben より:

    looks amazing. MAKE IT!!!

  8. avatar Charles より:

    Awesome! A cryptic analog watch is much harder to create! Hope this wins! looks formal enough for the almost adult I am and casual enough for going around or at school!
    But riddle me this, how would the “hands” go down from 1-6 and up from 7-12? maybe one of these strange “gauge-type” mechanisms for it to work ;D I want to become an engineer that’s why I am so curious.

    • avatar Charles より:

      Or LCD would work too, but the beautiful effect it has would be diminished by our current LCD capabilities.

      • avatar Firdaus public より:

        Hey, thanks Charles. My mistake, lack of explanation, supposed I should do 3d explosive view or like once I did for Uzumaki concept. The mechanism works flawlessly with regular and smooth analog movement, the discs/dials are tinted semicircular and on the top of it a semi circular cover, to achieve this effect. It’s so simple afaik possible. I understand now this concept is not entirely understood by the audience, the result, looks like difficult to achieve, difficult to read LCD watch. But the reality is contrast, its easy and unique to read analog movement clock. Should I do animation? But I’m busy with work and my laptop just fried. Should you have any other question? Just ask.

        Thanks again for feedback. Really appreciate it.

  9. avatar SiHH より:

    Random but having just found this site, I am intrigued as to what software is used to draw these amazing pictures?

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      In order me to answer that, please comment on this concept first. Never mind. I use Blender + Gimp 2 + Inkscape. Thank you for asking SiHH.

  10. avatar Timo より:

    Heather, Peter, Sam, Laszlo and you Firdaus you are great!
    Saving up my money, I hope to be spent on you!
    5* and Yes!

  11. avatar Firdaus the herbalist より:

    WOW, jumped to 4.2 without notice!