Trax MkII watch rolls into the combat zone.

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I wanted to come up with a watch design based on driven belts. The first thought that popped into my head when thinking about belts was caterpillar tracks and what caterpillar tracks are usually attached too. So I decided to use tanks as an inspiration for this watch concept.

The time on this design is told by either three of four tracks (belts) the track/s on the left side tell the hours and the ones on the right tell the minutes. The time is the row of numbers in the center of the watch which correspond to the rocker style button which also acts as a marker for the time. These belts could be driven by small motors or a mechanical movement. I have opted for a 24hr format but would also work with a 12hr format.

Clearly this design is very industrial as you would expect when the inspiration is military hardware. So therefore will only appeal to certain types of people who like the industrial look.

People who like mechanical objects, engineered products and military hardware may like this design. It may appeal action men, big kids and adventurers alike.

This design stands out because of its industrial look and time telling method.

The belts give it a mechanical feel which could be powered by existing movements adding to its feasibility.

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Trax MkII watch rolls into the combat zone., 4.0 out of 5 based on 186 ratings

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116 Responses to “Trax MkII watch rolls into the combat zone.”

  1. avatar Patrick says:

    Free to agree with Pete, for the aspect “military” of his watch, I find it simply SUPERB!
    More than five and a big Yesss!

    • avatar Pete says:

      I didn’t have you down for a lover of military hardware! But Im glad that you are! Thanks for the comment and the vote Patrick! :D

  2. avatar Pete says:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to the blog!
    Could you also share it on your fb page please so it gets maximum exposure?

    I forgot to mention on in the text that this example is based on a mechanical movement but would work equally as well as LCD which may add to the concepts feasibility.

    Thanks again!

  3. avatar Exiled says:

    Perhaps a version in matte jeep green too, or desert olive drab (I think that’s what they call it). Basically military coloring. All in all a nice watch though.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah it would work with al the military livery, could be sold with dog-tags too for the full look! Thanks for the comment and the feedback! :D

  4. avatar Firdaus public says:

    I’m afraid if I’ll be looked as someone who copy your design in the future, but this one is pretty genius concept. Good job Pitukun!

  5. avatar Samukun says:

    When I say, Pete is pretty much grounded, I wanna say, he’s a fan of ground vehicles and he transfers it into his watches. This tank inspired watch is very cool. Dynamic shape, cool conveyor belt numbers and good looking material variants. The camouflage one… yes sir, of course sir, acknowledged! 5 push ups/YES

    • avatar Pete says:

      I’ve done flying vehicles too! lol.
      Im glad you like it Sam, I know your not a fan of literal designs so hopefully this is abstract enought!
      Yeah the camo one is my favorite too!
      When I say jump boy, you say how high! lol
      Thanks for the positive comment and the vote!

  6. avatar Laszlo says:

    Nice concept! I like the silver/black version and give to you 5 stars and yes i want it!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah, I’ll just get that gift wrapped for sir!

      btw congrats for L-Bar being on the consideration list, you deserve some good news, you have been submitting as long as anyone on the blog!

      Im glad you like it Laszlo, thanks for the comment and the precious stars! :D

  7. avatar DW says:

    Wow, this is awesome! Im loving the military theme! This could very easily be an LCD watch too!
    I would definately buy this! ***** / Yeah baby!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah could be LCD no problem, you proabably wouldn’t bother with the numbers on the underside in that case. I thank you for the wow, the awesome, the stars and the yeah baby! :D

  8. avatar Heather says:

    I’m not into military, so I don’t like the style, but I think the concept is very creative. Also, I do appreciate that the execution is not too literal. A subtle hint of tank ;) – with some cool lights! (And the camouflage version is a nice touch)
    I’m not voting either way on this one, but as I said, nice execution! I see it’s popular with the guys! ;)

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks for not voting as I can quite understand this one not really appealing to Women, Its definately a boys toy. Thanks for the positive comment despite it not being to your taste!
      Thanks Heather! :D

  9. avatar The bear says:

    Really digging the concept but as a manly man with hairy arms, won’t the backside of the tracks tear my manly wrists to manly shreds?

    • avatar Pete says:

      The tracks are covered by a thin glass/plastic cover which is just visible in the images. So your wrists will remain un-epilated and manly! Thanks for the comment The bear! :D

  10. avatar Cole says:

    I like industrial design so this is really up my street. It has a hint on tank about it but not in a kitchy way.
    I love the time telling method, its new yet familier and very intuative. I agree with DW that it could be easily made as an LCD without losing the effect. 5 stars/Yes from me!

    • avatar Pete says:

      I was worried when I submitted this design that it would be a bit much (like a few of my older submissions) so far it seems pretty well recieved. Im glad you like the idustrial look. Thanks for the feedback and the vote! :D

  11. avatar Clare says:

    This is a bit big and masculin to suit a ladies wrist but would make a great gift for a man.
    5 stars and Yes on that basis.

    • avatar Pete says:

      It would be no problem to slim the watch down and make the proportions suitable for a smaller wrist but the nature of the concpet means that it would always look masculin. Thank you for the positive vote considering it wouldnt be suitable for yourself! :D

  12. avatar Gabriel_BB says:

    this one is bad ***. ….. I love it. 5 stars and yes.

  13. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    I dont know what youve been doing pete…but nowadays..every watch u design is a master peice!!! it is only a matter of time before i am able to buy one hehehe

  14. avatar Avatara says:

    Nice one, well done Pete. Love the idea and I like the mechanical angle you’ve taken. Your renderings just get better & better.

  15. avatar Gordon says:

    good work pete i have considered a belt display but you brought it to reality, 5*

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks a lot Gordon, Im sure there are still plenty of good belt based concepts out there.
      I thank you for your comment and your five! :D

  16. avatar Charles says:

    awesome! maybe change the fonts into something a bit more fitting, like the STENCIL font of word which looks very militaristic, anyways 5 and a big YES

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah the font could be more militarian, on the mark I version which didnt get on the blog I used a more appropiate font but was less clear. But there maybe other fonts which are more appropiate and clear like you say.
      Thanks for the feedback, comment and the big yes!

  17. avatar mushy says:

    Good job Pete! 5Y

  18. avatar ANATOLIJDoronin34 says:

    недорого аттракцион родео на быке аренда в Киеве

  19. avatar Roger says:

    Great design, watch looks every bit as unique as one would expect from tokyo flash

    • avatar Roger says:

      just a question, would the back be covered in a perspex so you dont have the trax rubbing against your skin??

      • avatar Pete says:

        Hi Rodger, I’m gald you like the concept. To answer your question there is a thin plastic/glass cover over the trax, it’s most visible in the two images where the watch is on it side, this stops anything interfering with the movement of the trax and the user losing arm hair. Thanks for the feedback and the comment.

  20. avatar coker says:

    love the concept… shared on fb…

  21. avatar Esteban says:

    You are a rising star to be man. Before i saw your work i tought the g shock models was cool. Now that I have seen your desings. The g chock looks like somethings made in the stone age. I hope you get richer than the rolex companie

    • avatar Pete says:

      Crikey thats a huge compliment! Im glad you like the concept. To have one of my designs made would be a dream come true! Thanks for the epic comment and interest in my design! :D

  22. Powered by mechanical movement, you mean kinetic energy? Is there any alarm/date feature on this watch?

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi ID, when I mentioned mechanical movement I ment a traditional analogue movement (which could be a kinietic powered movement). If this design was powered by a analogue movement it would be difficult to display the date without adding more belts/tracks for the date. If it was powered by digital motors you could in theory have a date mode using the existing belts/tracks.
      I hope this answers your question, thanks for taking interest in my design and thank you for the comment! :D

  23. avatar Simon says:

    This is the greatest watch i ever saw. I want to be One of the First German Guy that geht’s this watch :-) ! Great Design. So let me know when i can get it.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Simon, I hope you get the chance one day to be the first to recieve this watch! Its very much in TF’s hands at the moment, if it gets more comments like your’s it may stand a chance. Thanks for the epic comment! :D

  24. avatar Ari says:

    Cool concept. Not like the 4 but still a great watch. The camo is really unique

  25. avatar Simon says:

    Hi Pete,
    Do you know, if there is Chance that this watch will be produced? Or what do u thnk, will the Dream come true :-) ?

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Simon,
      I really wish I knew, only TF have any knowledge of their plans.
      I would hope it stands a chance as it has been well recieved, has had plenty of interest on the external blogs etc and has a reasonable rating. I have my fingers crossed that TF see some potential x^^x
      Thanks for the support, I appreciate it! :D

    • avatar Pete says:

      Wow thats cool, I hadn’t seen that one before buts its awesome. That shows im on the rights “trax” lol
      Thanks for the comment! :D

  26. avatar Firdaus says:

    Good luck Pete on this one. For some reason I was able to vote again even though it didn’t chance the number.

  27. avatar Samukun says:

    Vroomvroom, impressive shares :D That’s a good sign. Good luck from me too!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Sam, yeah this one has really done the rounds on the external blogs. Hopefully this will have a positive effect on TF’s decision making. Thanks for the comment! :D