EOBOT watch re-animates classic sci-fi on your wristzzz

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

Lloyd says: This watch design is called “EOBOT” and was inspired by the robot I had as a kid and those that appeared in classic sci-fi movies like the The Day The Earth Stood Still and Forbidden Planet. It’s called “EOBOT” because the display uses different coloured lights to indicate even (E) and odd (O) digits and the pattern of lights together with a circular head forms the shape of a robot.

Telling the time on this watch is pretty easy. The first 4 vertical rows of lights indicate the 4-digit time and date and in each row one of the lights is illuminated in either green or blue. A blue light indicates an even digit and a green light indicates an odd digit. The top light in each row represents either 0 (considered as being an even digit) or 1, the second one down 2 or 3, the third one down 4 or 5, the fourth one down 6 or 7 and the fifth one down 8 or 9. Therefore, the combination of a light’s colour and position in each row enables you to figure out which digit is being indicated. There is an explanatory image below.

As for the 2 lights in the vertical row on the far right side of the robot, they indicate whether the time or date is being displayed. When the top one is illuminated that means the time is being displayed and when the bottom one is illuminated that means the date is being displayed.

A fun feature of this watch is that the robot’s single red eye moves from side to side like a pendulum. It takes 1 second to travel from one side to the other. There’s a short animation below.

The strap is made from a man-made material (ie animal friendly) and there’s a single button on the side of the watch for displaying the time and date. The watch comes in a variety of colours and is USB rechargeable via a computer.

The sort of people I imagine who would wear this design are fun-loving sci-fi fans, movie fans, toy robot collectors, geeks, kids, gamers, teenagers and baby boomers.

I think this design stands out because it is both endearing and yet chic at the same time. It is also very modern while retaining a certain retro feel. It is eye-catching but not garish and because it in not too esoteric it has a wide appeal.

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27 Responses to “EOBOT watch re-animates classic sci-fi on your wristzzz”

  1. avatar Dianekmt says:

    This is a great timepiece, it is my favourite so far, it has a wonderful retro feel. I could see it having a huge appeal. Those of us who remember the old Sci-Fi movies, the style conscious who want something different, teenagers into robots and gaming, and kids too…..lots would like it. It has a real personality!
    It could even be made in a couple of different sizes, larger one for men, smaller one for women and children who often prefer things on a smaller scale.
    I love it and definitely want one for each member of the family!!!!!


  2. avatar Pete says:

    Hi Lloyd, this is nice work. The time telling method take a lttle getting used to and might benefit having small numbers next to the lights (maybe some kinda removeable element that you could take off when it becomes natural to the user) but once your used to it its easy. Loving the look of this one, with some sweet 3D images this could be uber hot. shame TF didnt model this one up for you.
    I had though a number of times about a robot theme but could never find a nice way of doing it so congrats to you for doing so. 5 stars and Yes sir! :D

  3. avatar Ranjan says:

    Nice masterpiece … really a jolly, vivid … futuristic watch … love to have one on my wrist … Lloyd …. you have great sci – fi mind … bend towards creativity n’ imagination ….

  4. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    this is awesome. I love the red ‘eye’ at the top heheeh…i want to buy this!

  5. avatar mushy says:

    Thanx Jun Fan Lee! I was going to do a robot with 2 eyes then I thought maybe something like the single red eye the robot Gort has in ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ might be more fun. My only worry was that it might make the robot look a bit too scary. I thought the pendulum action of the eye was kind of appropriate too. Merry Xmas. :)

  6. avatar Firdaus here and there says:

    I’m a fan of Japanese retro futuristic design, that’s why I bought Tokyoflash Ni, my first watch from Tf and its been awesome till now… I love this design, it has retro futuristic look and feel with interesting original theme… Excepting the strap, I like this design entirely. Voted and wanted.

  7. avatar KovaljovGerman18 says:

    Только тут сантехнические работы, недорого, гарантия

  8. avatar Cole says:

    This is cool! reminds me of a toy robot I had when I was a kid! Gets my vote! 5 stars and Yes!

  9. avatar Samukun says:

    I like Cylons (original and remake), I like the robot in The Day The Earth Stood Still (original and remake hehe) and I like the reminiscence. It’s cool how the numbers find their place in this display. No too much LEDs, not too less – just the right amount. The only critique I have is personal taste. It looks a bit too funny in terms of proportions and colors but its has a certain charme I must admit. How about this? Well it’s a nice concept, easy to make and has a recognition value. Good luck Lloyd!

    • avatar Firukun says:

      Want it want it…

    • avatar Dianekmt says:

      Hi Samukun,
      I like your alternative colour scheme as another option. I think your adaptation of Lloyd’s design looks very industrial, and may very well appeal to lovers of Cylons, as it looks more agressive (and they are angry looking creatures)!
      Lloyd’s robot design has more of a retro feel and looks friendly, which personally, I find more appealing.
      You have some great ideas.


    • avatar mushy says:

      Thanx for going to all that trouble Sam. It’s always helpful to have another perspective. It’s very nice, but I used circular lights in the display because Robby, the robot in Forbidden Planet, has arms and legs made up from spherical parts. Here’s a pic: http://100megsfree3.com/glaw/robby/robby.jpg

      Also, the watch case is seamless and without screws because I wanted it to have a similar appearance to that of Gort, the robot in The Day The Earth Stood Still.

      Be cool if Eobot could tell you the time in a robotic voice too. It’s not always convenient to look at your watch for the time, is it?

    • avatar Samukun says:

      I see :) It’s comprehensible what Diane and you wrote. We could talk about taste until armageddon (so less then a year, hehehe). The idea is cool and if this watch finds it’s way into reality, I would be open to a range of interpretations. Even the watches I already own could look different in some details for my taste.

      The cylons had a cool voice ;)

      • avatar mushy says:

        It’s just a rough idea of what it might look like really Sam. I know my graphics aren’t the best. :D I expect you could make it look uber cool. ;)

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