(English) Retro Flip watch adds some 70s charm to your wrist.

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(English) Retro Flip watch adds some 70s charm to your wrist., 3.9 out of 5 based on 174 ratings

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41 Responses to “(English) Retro Flip watch adds some 70s charm to your wrist.”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    5*/YES instantly.

    + I LOVE these flip sheets (correct term unknown, teach me)! Cool mechanism, very appealing. That’s why I like analog watches for – the mechanics. This watch is pure mechanics.
    + apropos mechanics: they are actually simple
    + nice retro typeface on the sheets. How about an airport style font in yellow… Mhhhhh!
    + The side cog is a sweet element.
    + I wouldn’t know which material or color variant to take. Most look good for me.
    + fashionable
    + unisex

    - The only slightly negative point is highly personal. As much as I like the simplicity, the encapsulated case could be more fluently connected to the straps for me. Hard to explain, and actually not that important.

    I would be happy to have such a watch. Good luck for this one Gordon!

  2. avatar Firdaus public より:

    Love the retro feel of this one. Since its a finished render, I need to know how will this stuff works… So the digits will mechanically rotate? Or is it an LED/LCD? Other than that, awesome design.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      It’s like a flip book. Such is called thumb cinema in german, cause you press the thumb against the pages and lett them pass one by one. These flip watches work the same… at least I saw a desk watch working that way. It had a little metal “thumb” holding the “pages” on their top end, and when the whole gorup of pages reaches a certain angle when rotating forward, the first page slides before the thumb and flips over. Simple but clever and effective mechanics :D

      • avatar Gordon より:

        Thanks Sam, the font was a hard one to choose as there are so many good ones. One after thought i had after finishing was this could work as a side rolling scroll of little red lights as well to display a number of properties, maybe even a blue tooth mp3. Ok now i am going a little crazy. Thanks for your kind words Sam

    • avatar Gordon より:

      Thanks Firdaus, Google retro flip clock you will see what i was refering too

  3. avatar logan より:

    Like TF said, it’s not quite their usual style, but I think the capsule pushes it in the right direction. Maybe, with some interesting angles on the glass, it can have more of a retro-futuristic feel (rather than just retro). I think I’d like this best with a metal case and strap.

    @Sam This type of display is called a split-flap display (or, sometimes, a Solari display).

  4. avatar Keiron より:

    Nice flip flaps ;)

  5. avatar Patrick より:

    I had thought of a watch with the display of airport with the cliqueti of small removable panels, seeking letters and hours, but I am completely unable to realize, but Gordon, did it.
    5 * and yes, good work!
    (A thought for George, who pedals in the watch of Pete)

  6. avatar Pete より:

    uuuummmmm nice bit of retro chic here, mixed with a bit of funky styling. I agree with Sam the machanical sounds and feel will make this appealing and the simple language of the styling will appeal to younger folks and nastagia lovers. Nice work Gordon 5 stars and of course Yes

  7. avatar Bruce Cameron より:

    I love this 100%. I’m all about the retro chic and the watch becomes a talking point…Brilliant !!

    I’d be down for a few I think :)

  8. avatar Alain より:

    Still a very nice watch and I hope to see more fore sale soon :-)

  9. avatar SRO より:

    Yes! Please do it.

    Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase !

  10. avatar diclonius より:

    i like the idea…..and i can see why many would like it…….it’s just not for me.

    imho TF is all about the future, not the past.

  11. avatar Lisa より:

    This is fantastic , I wish you could have it produced before the holidays. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. avatar Karasu より:

    I’d buy this INSTANTLY. The design you’ve made is really cool, but moreover, my mom had one of these as an alarm clock when I was little and I used to love watching the time flip over. Hey TFJ, choose this design for your next watch!

  13. avatar Michael より:

    Hi all,

    I know it has nothing to do with that post, but I’m desperately looking for Tokyoflash 1000100101. bought one 5 years ago and it doesn’t work anymore. Any idea where I could buy one?
    Thanks a lot for your help…

  14. avatar Alparslan Türkeş より:

    sell me (From Turkey)

  15. avatar Marshal より:

    I would buy this in a heartbeat. Oddly enough, I was thinking just the other day (literally) about a watch that used the retro flip action, since I had never seen one and I really like the mechanics of those kinds of clocks. I imagine the noises this watch would make would be very pleasing. Top notch designs, Gordon. Here’s to hoping this one becomes reality some day.

  16. avatar Liam より:

    If you’re going to go retro, why not just make a Nixie watch?

  17. avatar Gvk より:

    Very nice innovation… Would love to see my dad wearing this… :3
    I’m just wondering about the band material though…..

    • avatar Gordon より:

      Its in early stages band material will be experimented with as well as other details. Glad you like it

  18. avatar Pete より:

    Not long left on this entry! Its been well recieved, got some great comments and plenty of shares.
    Best of luck Gordon! :)