LED Watch Design Glows The Time

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Glow”, I was trying to come up with an LED watch that didn’t tell the time directly with the LEDs. So I decided it would be nice if you read the time using the light given off by the LEDs.The time is in a conventional digital format. The LEDs illuminate facets on the face rather than being read directly. Obviously in bright light the LEDs can be express the time if the watch is tilted a little.
I think this design may appeal to people who like simple unclutered styles. The case is simple and understated with a hollow look provided by the recesses in the sides which have a mirrored face and illuminated borders. This watch stands out due to its simplistic approach, conventional technology and recogniseable format.

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44 Responses to “LED Watch Design Glows The Time”

  1. avatar GEEK より:

    Love it!

    +The display
    +The glow effect
    +The strap

    -Where is the batteries?

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Geek, Im glad you like it. The batteries are in the usual place, the two recesses on the sides of the case only go in a short way and have a mirrored face to make it look like a hollow case. There will be plenty of room for the electronics and battery etc. Thanks for the positive comment and not noticing the error on the first time example (backwards 6) Doh! :)

  2. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to the blog, didnt expect to see it so quickly, thanks! :)

  3. avatar Keiron より:

    Hey Pete, Looking very good, like the three dimensional display and optical illusion “hollow core”. Nice examples of different strap materials, I especially like the carbon fibre one ;)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks Keiron, Im glad you like it. This was something that I have been playing with as and when as a bit of fun, didn’t expect to see it so soon. Im a bit or a fan of carbon myself, would allways choose it when available.
      Thanks for the comment! :D

  4. avatar David より:

    Wonderful design. I want this watch!!!

  5. avatar Patrck より:

    Well Pete, this design is simple and simply brilliant, beautiful original idea!
    5 * and yes, very nice watch!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah, Im always happy when you like a design Patrck (no i today?) Im glad you like it, thanks for the comment and the vote! :)

  6. avatar CLP より:

    I really like this, very simple and kind of elegent. Would suite a ladies wrist as well. I’ll take the white with red LEDs please! Just one question where are the buttons?
    5* and Yes Please

    • avatar Pete より:

      Im glad you like it, yeah I ment to say on the description that is aimed at uni-*** market and would suite all wrists etc. The buttons would be the squares in the digits on the face, as there are no sides to the case. Alternativly they could be sensors in the recesses in the sides of the case, so you just put your finger near the recess instead of pushing a button. Thanks for the feedback :)

  7. avatar mushy より:

    I like it Pete! 5* +yes. Good luck with it.

  8. avatar Heather より:

    Hey, Pete!
    Awesome idea, and I love that it is aimed at a unisex audience. 5*
    This is wearable for me, but I would only buy it if it has light-up options like Kisai Seven — continuous, every 30 seconds, or every 5 minutes. (or press a button)….
    I would only wear it at night – it’s more impressive then, and I would only use continuous or every 30 seconds options. This of course means that it needs to be USB rechargeable, so hopefully it would still be feasible to make it small enough for a woman to wear comforatably..
    Excellent renderings, and it’s nice that you provide a choice of color. I personally would want a black one with white LEDs. :D

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah I think there is plenty of scope for different lighting schemes and animations. The open side of the case would lend itself to a hidden usb port without effecting the visual. Like you say then its just down to packaging.
      The black with white was the original and my favorite too. Thanks for the positive words! :)

  9. avatar GC より:

    I really like this! its cool without being overly complicated. Its new yet familer, abstract but easy to read.

  10. avatar NL1 より:

    Catchy, simple, efficient, easy/fast to read but still something different. Good !
    I like the smooth transition between the case and the band.
    Should look good when switched off. Well done Pete !

  11. avatar The Fancy Walrus より:

    Very sleek! I’m a big fan of the silver metal one on the bottom.

  12. avatar Gordon より:

    You did it again Pete! very clever and full of style 5*

  13. avatar Laszlo より:

    Hi Pete! Simply and clever. My favorite is the black with white LEDs. 5*/y

  14. avatar Firdaus より:

    Simple. Instant buy without hesitation at all to give it as present to someone. Simply beautiful and artistic with quality look. I have to say this one is my most favourable of the current 1st page. Nice hit Pete!

  15. avatar fleich より:

    Simply beautiful ! i love it! :) Hope to be product (yn) +5 !

  16. avatar diclonius より:

    i would buy it as long as TF didn’t make it plastic.
    acetate or steel.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks Diclonius, I imagine with this design the material would be determined by which gives the best contrast/reflection etc. I imagine satin finishes would work best, so a satin steel seems feasible, Thanks for the feedback! :)

  17. avatar Samukun より:

    GMTA :D You found another solution for the middle horizontal segement than I would have had, hehe.

    Peter, this is outstanding. It looks great when off and wowow when on. The hollow case illusion is very cool. Good luck for this little beauty!

    • avatar Pete より:

      hehe Thanks Sam, did you have something similar?
      Im glad you likey! and look its still in the 4s, I wonder for how much longer? lol
      Thanks for the comment! :)

  18. avatar steffox より:

    Very cool design. I love it.
    Just produce it quick and it would be my christmas gift !

    • avatar fleich より:

      +1 But i think it’s impossible for christmas… TF please make it real! :D

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks Steffox and Fleich! I think this christmas is pushing it a bit, but next christmas would a realistic deadline!
      Lets hope TF want to make your and my next christmas! :)

  19. avatar Dek より:

    How did I miss this design, this is sweet. Loving the glowing led effect! clean simple shape with a hollow look! Too cool for school! 5/Y

  20. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    outstanding! this is a clever idea! as much as I like the renderings, I doubt the readability in daylight. thats my only concern here. the reflection of led light is only a fraction of its original intensity. white light could work, with the right case material but red wouldn’t. look at the image that says 21:39. the case is already brighter than the leds, how can the reflection be brighter? even with white leds, it would be hard to see. anyhow, I hope I’m wrong and tokyoflash makes it. hypothetical ************/YES

    • avatar Pete より:

      I think in bright light you could read the leds if the glow of the leds is not clear enough. I think this one is very much reliant of TF finding the right material that reflects or refracts sufficiant light, could be a semi opaque material which the leds disect which would cause internal refraction which would be pretty bright! my fingers are crossed that TF look into it and find a way! x^^x
      Thanks for another quality comment! :D

  21. avatar Pete より:

    Time is about to run out on this entry so all thats left to do is say thank you to every one who took the time to vote, comment and share! cheers guys and girls!

    Merry Chrismas!

    Pete from the UK :D