Derezzed watch design with hexagonal matrix

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: ”Derezzed” is the past tense of “derezz” which is a shortened form or “deresolute”. It means “disappear” or in terms of virtual media, “dissolve into pixels”. I had the idea, to let a watch derezz in the case area, revealing the time telling display.

The composition of case and display is made by hexagons. The LCD display itself is based upon an analog watch’s display with the twelve well known positions for hours and five-minute steps. A small hexagon shows the current hour. An additional one in clockwise direction is a PM indicator. A bigger hollow hexagon shows the current five minute step. Additional ones (four maximum) in clockwise direction have to be counted for additional minutes. I chose a glossy black material derezzing into a bright neon blue and framed everything with a matte metal.

This is a watch for hexagon fans, arts lowers, geometry geeks, sci-fi watchers, for everyone who loves it cryptic but not too complicated.

The watch works with a simple geometrical effect to create an eyecatcher. The display isn’t seen as time telling at first glance but is pretty easy to read when one know’s how.

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Derezzed watch design with hexagonal matrix, 4.2 out of 5 based on 179 ratings

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70 Responses to “Derezzed watch design with hexagonal matrix”

  1. avatar onisan says:

    This is a pretty awesome looking object. I would definitely wear it.
    I think the time telling is a bit complex for my liking, but maybe there could be an easy mode too for people like me? Then I would snap it up in a minute.

  2. avatar Heather says:

    5* — i LOVE the look of this watch…i’d wear it just as a bracelet, it looks so cool. and appropriate for either a man or a woman, as long as it’s not made too clunky. the images make it appear nice and thin, which is great!
    i agree with onisan, though, that the time telling is a bit too complex i think.
    maybe the pm indicator can just be a dot right in the center?
    and the multiple hollow hexagons is throwing things off for me…what about one hollow hexagon to give the 5 minute location, and maybe four other hollow hexagons of varying sizes (similar to the design on the case) scattered in the interior of the hexagonal display to indicate the additional single minutes??

    • avatar Heather says:

      also, i think the hollow hexagons you have for indicating the 5 minute markers can be a bit larger..i think it would be more visually pleasing..

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Comprehensible comment about the time reading if you look at the watch for the first time.

      There is one simple rule about the design: The outside is closed, the center is free and there is an irregular hexagon based graduation between outside and center. A center dot would destroy the image of deresolution. It’s like in advertisements, they say the shampoo makes 99% of dandruff go away and they leave a representative one on the image that destroys all hopes of beauty. I had to be consequent here. That also doesn’t allow scattered hexagons in the interior of the display. I think, keeping the important hexagons in one size for each type, is the clearer way. Well, clear, once you tought yourself reading the watch, hehehe. The hollow hexagons cannot be larger than the smallest of the surrounding hexagons. In order to celebrate the deresolution, they are the same size, but hollow.

      Thank you Heather for sharing your impression and also for the propositions.

      • avatar Heather says:

        hey sam, thanks for replying. i understand about the theme — i just felt it would still look good (if not loyal to the theme) if you had an alternative (easier) time-reading. i would buy this anyway the way it is because it looks so awesome.
        i understand that you don’t want to make the hollow hexagons larger than the smallest of the surrounding hexagons, but i think that because they’re hollow, we look at their interior, and they seem smaller. what if just the interior of the hollow hexagons were the size of the smallest of the surrounding ones?
        i can read the watch just fine with your current time-telling method, but it takes a while because you have to train your brain that the extra hollow hexagons are single minutes, and their positions are irrevelant to the time-telling. finding just the one to tell the 5 minute marker becomes more difficult for me. but with practice, it will tell time just fine.

      • avatar Samukun says:

        Wow, that’s pretty detailed commenting… I like how you percieve things.

        Verdict: Oh yes please train! :D

  3. avatar Firdaus public says:

    quite tricky but considered fairly easy to read. decent design best of sam’s so far according to my taste, very creative!

  4. avatar logan says:

    Reading the time is not too complex, in my opinion. Maybe, the LCD segments could be a little larger, but otherwise I think this is perfect.

  5. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Sam, very nice watch, a very fine design!
    For cons, I do not understand the hours 9:08, or 21:08?
    I must not be well awake?

    5 * / Yes of course!

    • avatar Samukun says:


      You take the first hexagons for the rough time. The first hexagons are important. The following ones make the time more precisely. The first small one is on the nine. The next one means, it is PM. The first big hollow hexagon is on the 5th minute. The next ones get added. It takes a bit, but it will be easier after some time.

      Merci bien!

  6. avatar rachid says:


    this is pure awesomeness, very good job sam!

    i just have one critic… in fact no

  7. avatar Redgordy says:

    Nice design! A little complex, but I like it.

    I would buy it!

  8. avatar Pete says:

    It takes a bit to get used to the time telling method but worth the effort. Simple elegent slim line case, and a very **** and futuristic looking display!
    Very jealous of this one I have to say!
    6 stars and Yes :)

  9. avatar NL1 says:

    I really like that display. It reminds me of so much futuristic-nano-cyberpunk-organic things… I’m not fan of the outer metallic frame, I’d rather see a full-black case to push further the idea of a “risk of complete derezzing of the watch”. But beside my personal taste the look of the display is stunning.
    Also easy to understand while enough cryptic.
    Nice one !

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Full black for Nico, no problem! Also comprehensible reason, you are mentioning, very nice. Check my facebook site later, I have to publish my images there and I’ll add a full black one. I’m glad the time telling appeals :D It’s a new approach and it’s cool when it’s accepted. Merci!!

  10. avatar Alex says:

    Yes please :D

  11. avatar werwolf says:

    sam, once again, excellent design.

    personally i don’t really go for analogue analogues [pun intended], with few exceptions, so i’m not sure if i’d wear this watch. but the design is very interesting.

    actually i’d think it’d be interesting to transpose this design concept from its slick hi-tech look to an industrial/cyberpunk world and see what that would turn up.

    very nice work.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      [pun accepted] Mhhh, interesting. I’m not sure what industrial/cyberpunk would look like and if it would appeal to the masses (still not sure if this does, hehehe) Some material and color change could cause stunning effects with the same geometry. I liked the breaking of the polished surface here. If you have some materials in mind, tel me. If I find some time, I’ll give it a try.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

  12. avatar Gordon says:

    very artistic Sam,nice way to think out of the box

  13. avatar Cory says:

    A bit tough to read at first, but once you know it, it’s easy.

    I like the chaotic order that directs the look of the thing. Reminds me of the Assassin’s Creed Animus when it’s “Loading Ezio’s Memories”

    5/y awesome.

  14. avatar Melissa says:

    Alter, Du hast es echt drauf!!! Muss ich echt mal loswerden! Ich würde fast alle vom Fleck weg kaufen.
    Wurde schon eine von Deinen Uhrem umgesetzt? Oder weißt Du schon, ob in Zukunft eine umgesetzt wird?

    • avatar Melissa says:

      In welchem Programm machst Du Deine Dummys? In Cinema4D?

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Hahaha, danke Melissa!

      Du, ich habe leider keine Neuigkeiten… Aber ich bin zuversichtlich, wenn ich die Reaktionen im Blog beachte :)

      Ich benutze 3ds Max für 3D. Aber dort sind Dummys nur Helferobjekt *Kopf kratz und wunder*

  15. avatar Tzu says:

    Is this an “Always on” screen? Im not so keen on watches that only light up when you press a button.
    Giving it 5 star for the timetelling concept tho, I really like the way how the 5 min-groups is used to show both the 1minute and the 5minute group.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      It is always on!! I totally agree about watches, that look cool when pressing a button only.

      Ok, now the explanation. It is traditional LCD, that is normally always on. I am using a transparent LCD layer on top and instead of using the normal gray or green-ish background, I took a neon bright one. I also took such for my On Line watch. These colors are very shiny and always stand out. There is a backlight, if it is too dark.

      Hard to find a pic of neon plastic, cause it’s shinyness gets lost on the computer screen, but here you can see the pink and orange look pretty bright. Simple but effective :)

      I’m glad the time reading method pleases. Thanks for commenting!!

  16. avatar diclonius says:

    very slick design!

    let’s just hope tokyoflash makes it ip black steel, rather than plastic.
    plastic would ruin it. just like they ruined “seven”.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      I see your point. Materials influence the experience alot. It’s easy for me to say it’s black and glossy. But I believe it’s a tough task to make a watch affordable… compromises, compromises :)

      Check my facebook page soon, I’ll show a completely black version there. Looks great!

      Thanks again for commenting!

  17. avatar Mininexu says:

    I would for sure buy that watch…would make a very nice piece of jewelry.

  18. avatar Guga says:

    This is the most Perfect watch I have ever seen!!! very good job!!

  19. avatar zenseeker says:

    Love it! This would be a nice companion watch to Seven :P

  20. avatar Sandra says:

    You rock Sam! Another perfect watch. I would so buy it! Nothing to complain about. Again.

  21. avatar Firdaus public says:

    Sammy can u make yellow version for me?

  22. avatar TripleG says:

    Hey Sam….coole und fantastische Idee….sehr speziell……so muss das sein! :-) . klasse wäre wenn man zwischen verschiedenen Backlights wählen könnte (Farbe)……und am besten ein mattschwarzes Armband.
    nur Ideen.

    Ich drück Dir und uns die Daumen das Deine Idee Zur Realität wird…!!!!!!…..

    mach weiter so…….

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Vielen Dank G! Gute Ideen!

      Das mit den Farben ließe sich für eine Uhr schwer bewerkstelligen. Zu beachten ist, sie Uhr ist nicht beleuchtet in den Bildern. Das ist einfach ein greller Hintergrund. Und der hat halt nur eine Farbe. Backlight gibts auch, aber nur nachts. Aber falls du meintest, du würdest gern aus mehreren Uhren, diejenige mit deiner Lieblingsfarbe aussuchen – das geht ganz einfach. Welche darfs denn sein? Ein matt schwarzes Armband wäre auch schick :D

      Ja bei solchen ermutigenden Kommentaren mache ich gern weiter!

  23. avatar Pete says:

    4.1 seems very low for this entry! Can people play fair please!

  24. avatar Retic says:

    one word that describes this watch….AMAZING!!!

  25. avatar Liam says:

    The design is pretty however telling the time is confusing. Work on making it easier to tell the time–without having to add numbers in groups or memorise some strange patterns–and people might buy it. That’s the problem with so many of the designs here: People are expected to memorise groups of triangles or count in 4′s and the actual method of telling time becomes overcomplicated. The designers think they are being so clever, too. They fail to realise that obfuscation is really just another way of annoying people. Confusing the issue doesn’t make it brilliant.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      It’s not a coincidence, that many desings here are confusing to read. It’s a traditional Tokyoflash element to let go the function in favor of the look. Form follows funtion is so last millenium ;) As for this concept, I am referring to the well known analog watch time telling, so everyone has a starting point here. If one isn’t willing to learn, I can’t convince him even though counting to 4 isn’t that hard. There is a wide spectrum between boooooooring and unreadable. I prefer the unusual and challenging way, which is closer to unreadable, I must admit. Thank you Liam! It’s good to hear some critiques like that :)

  26. avatar Milo says:

    So und wo genau kauf ich das ding jetzt?

    • avatar Milo says:

      zusätzlich noch. wie genau soll man da die zeit einstellen? und leuchtet das ding in echt auch so stark oder ist das nur in dem bild so hervorgehoben? ICH WILL DAS DING JETZT HABEN!!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Hi Milo! Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar!

      Das Teil kann man leider noch (?) garnicht kaufen. Es ist ein Konzept, ein Vorschlag. Mit viel Glück (guten Bewertungen, guten Kommentaren, und noch ein paar Faktoren) kann es sein, dass Tokyoflash diese Uhr tatsächlich herstellt.

      Also ich habe mir das so gedacht: Die Zeit stellt man mit nem Knopf auf der Rückseite. Der Knopf an der Seite ist für’s Licht. Das mit der Helligkeit ist so eine Sache. Ich würde neon-grelles (aber nicht selbst leuchtendes) Material als Hintergrund für das LCD-Display nehmen. Das reflektiert Licht richtig gut. Nachts gibt es dann unter dieser Schicht eine Lichtquelle. Ob das nachher wirklich so funktioniert, muss Tokyoflash dann herausfinden. Sie machen ja nicht zum ersten mal Uhren, also denke ich, die würden einen guten Job machen… Daumen drücken! Und weitersagen :)

  27. avatar Pete says:

    Good to see this one fight back up to 4.2 (should be higher imho) this is my second favorite (after cypher) of your more recent designs! not only does it look great buts its totally makeable! kerrrching! :)

  28. avatar Samukun says:

    Thank you to all supporters! I see, the time reading is a bit tricky, but not desperately hard. The style is accepted pretty good – that’s great. Maybe this watch sees the real world some day. We will see :)

    My best regards,

    Sam from Germany (back home, woohoo!)